How to Find What Kind of Laptop I Have

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Sometimes, it gets necessary to know the model of computer device you are currently using. Especially for laptop devices, the model name and other information play a vital role. So, if you have the question, what kind of laptop do I have, then here we will tell you all available methods here.

By knowing the laptop model, serial number, product number, you can find many solutions for your laptops. You will get personalized services for your Laptops if you have the correct information about your laptop.

How to Find What Kind of Laptop Do I Have

Most of the Laptop information will find at the back part of the Laptop body. Just flip your laptop device and you will get a level/sticker with all kinds of laptop information. The level is provided by the manufacturer of the laptop. But if you are having a problem to figure out all detail of your laptop, then here’s how you can do it in the easiest way.

Step 1: Open your computer device. Then open start menu.

Step 2: Then search for ‘Control Panel’ at the search bar. Then click ‘Control Panel’ from the result list.

controll panel on start menu

Step 3: Now, click on ‘System and Security’ option from the Control Panel screen.

system and security option on control panel

Step 4: Click on ‘System’ option that is colored with green.

system option at inner control panel screen.

Step 5: Then you will get a window with all information about your Laptop device. Take note of all that information. It will represent, what kind of Laptop you are having.

all information of Laptop device

👉 If you are a Dell Laptop user, then type fn + Esc button at once and you will get all additional information about your Laptop.
👉 Press Win + R key. Then type msinfo32 and press Enter. Here you will find all information about your Laptop.

So, that’s all you should try to learn about your Laptop device. If you really struggling to find your Laptop configuration, then you should contact with Laptop manufacturer company. Try to contact their customer service team.

Have you got it, how to find what kind of Laptop you have? Do you have a problem?

You can tell your problems, questions and other thoughts in the comment section.


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