How to Create a Location-based App: To Track or Not To Track

Location-based apps are gaining popularity not only because they make it easier for users to access information but also because a mobile app’s location capabilities can offer companies new ways to do business. Quite naturally, the idea of how to make a location-based app is growing amongst app developers. By knowing the user’s physical position, these apps enable businesses and retailers to send targeted messages or offers that have much higher conversion rates compared with traditional marketing methods, such as billboards and flyers.

Have you been searching for information that will help explain the whole process to develop a complete application with GPS location function? At Topflightapps, we can explain everything about designing a GPS location-based app. Their blog has articles from where you can find out details on how to create a location-based app. However, here we are explaining a more abbreviated version so go ahead.

Conduct A Thorough Market Research

When it comes to, you need to do some research. First of all, who is your target audience? What problems does this group face that can be solved with an application like yours? For instance, if it’s college students looking for food delivery near them, then your focus should be on restaurants and not coffee shops.

Another thing you should consider is the number of users in your target area. If there are less than 50,000 people in a 25-mile radius, it’s probably not worth creating an app for that location instead of focusing on another part of town or city.

How to make a location-based app: Define Key Features and Functions

So you did your research and found out that there are people looking for an app just like yours. Now it’s time to define what the key features and functions of this application will be. Depending on how you want your users to interact with the product, you can get creative here, but always remember that applications need a good balance of simplicity and ease of use.
Define Key Features and Functions of app

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For instance, a food delivery app requires users to place an order at their fingertips without hassle while also allowing them the option for special requests—like no onions on a sandwich or extra dressing on the salad. You can make your location finder more complex by adding in filters like price range, dietary restrictions and more. A few important features of the location-based app include:

  • GPS tracking of user’s location
  • Ability to create a list of favorite places with the option for notifications when closing by.
  • Search bar that functions as an Internet search engine
  • User profiles so you can keep track of your favorites and past orders
  • Easy menu navigation, clear information on restaurant hours and location
  • Personalized push notifications for special deals and promotions with the option to share on social media.

Successful location-based mobile app development means taking into consideration all of these key features so that your users have an enjoyable experience when using your app.

Take Care of the Technical Details of the App in the Beginning

The next to make a geo-location app is to ascertain that your app is compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. Additionally, make sure that it is also compatible with different operating systems such as Android or Windows Phone. Also, ensure that it can be accessed from a web browser in case users do not have an iPhone or iPad on hand.

Intuitive User Interface

When you make a GPS-based app, you cannot overlook the user experience. The intuitive user interface lets users seamlessly navigate through the app. Developers should consider using a mobile-friendly design to accommodate different screen sizes and resolutions. One of the main reasons for designing an app is to make it easy for its users to use and find what they need quickly without sacrificing too much on aesthetics or usability. A simple, clean layout helps users navigate through an app quickly. Content should be placed where users are most likely to tap, swipe or click on it.

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Release the App

Users may get overwhelmed when they see too much information. After all, an app is a digital product that needs to be functional and useful for the target audience in order to create value for them. It should also have a clear and well-defined purpose and provide users with quick access to the required content or functionality even if it has several features available at one go.


If you wish to know how to make a location-based app, this is all the information that you would need. These apps enable businesses and retailers to send targeted messages or offers that have much higher conversion rates than traditional marketing methods. So, now that you have an idea of how to build an app that uses GPS, we hope you come up with best results.

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