How to Contact Plenty of Fish – POF Customer Service Phone Number

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As a large dating website, Plenty of Fish(POF) has a dedicated customer service team. If anyone faces a problem, they can contact the officials. Here I will show you how to contact Plenty of Fish(POF) and solve your problems.

After describing your problem, they will provide a solution for you. If they won’t respond to your message, you can try out the alternative method. I will also mention that later in the post.

How to Contact Plenty of Fish

All information to contact POF

Initially, you can contact POF help center via the phone number or email. Then you can use alternative options to get help and talk with a POF customer service manager.

Plenty Of Fish Headquarter Phone number: +1 604 648 9521

Secondly, we suggest you to use emails to contact with POF. Because email can be sent directly to the POF customer service team anytime.

Plenty Of Fish Customer Service Email: [email protected]

You can also contact POF authority and get important information’s using their social media sites.

Verified Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter

At last, you can go to their headquarter. POF headquarter is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. So, you can contact with plenty of fish corporate office.

Plenty of Fish Corporate Office:
PlentyOfFish Media Inc. 2625 555 W Hastings St
British Columbia
Canada – V6B4N5

Headquarter Direction: Get direction from your location.

How to Contact Plenty of Fish via Phone

Here we have added all alternative Plenty Of Fish contact number. You will also get here a special contact number for USA customers. The first number is the toll-free number for users from America Canada. Remember, those number will be available only during business hours.

NamePhone Number
POF (Toll-free America/Canada)18772428594
POF Customer Service Manager1-844-421-5814
POF Customer Service Manager18446041355
POF Customer Service Manager+1(877) 345 3847
POF Customer Service Manager604-692-2542
POF Media Inc604-899-3391
If POF Account Is Not Working Today18559796695
POF Corporate Office (Canada)+1 604 648 9521

+1 604 692 2542

POF Media Inc.(877) 910-4167

How to Contact Plenty of Fish via Online Account

You can also contact POF complaint department team using your POF online account. You just have to use this process.

Step 1: Open your web browser and then log in to your POF online account.

Step 2: Then go to the POF Help Center webpage.

Step 3: You will get a help page from POF. Go at the bottom of the page and click on an option named click here to contact us. Simply click on it and you will get an option to connect with POF.

However, you can also go to POF customer service chat webpage, to chat with a customer representative.

How to Contact Plenty of Fish via Email

There is also POF official customer service email address that you can use to reach them. Face any problem? contact with an email address. As you can be sent it anytime you want. After sending the Email, wait for a while. The POF customer service will contact you soon.

POF Help Center[email protected]
POF Help Center[email protected]

How to Contact Plenty of Fish for Media Inquiry

If you are media person and wants to contact to Plenty of Fish, then you can use the following email.

Also, this email address is also open for PR(Public Relation) discussion.

Just write down your request and send it to their email address. They will be happy to reply your all messages.

Remember, This email is only available for media inquiries and PR. Moreover, If you send any customer request to this email, they will definitely delete it.



POF Media Inquiry and PR

[email protected]

How to Contact Plenty of Fish for Relationship Assistance

POF doesn’t widely advertise their relationship assistance service, but they are still live.

You can ask for any relationship advice and ask anything related to that.

Write your question or problems and send it to the following email. POF will see it and respond with something better. Hope for the best.

POF Media Relationship Assistance[email protected]

How to Contact Plenty of Fish for Success Story

Got success in your relationship with POF? Congrats, you can send it over to POF. They will feature you and your partner at their successful couple archive.

They will also put your picture and the whole story and show to all.

Although they have so many success stories, they will also love you hear you. Just start writing a nice looking story on your relationship with proper grammar.

Send them the story to this email. Or you can also use this well-designed form to send your success story.



POF Success Stories

[email protected]

How to Contact Plenty of Fish via Social Media (Alternative ways)

Social Media is another alternative way to get help. On social media, you can contact POF and ask for help. Using social media, you can also get some extra tips and information that would definitely help you.

POF on Facebook:

POF on Twitter:

POF on Pinterest:

POF on Instagram:

POF on YouTube:

POF on LinkedIn:

The Bottom Line

commentSo, that’s how you can contact Plenty Of Fish officials easily. As we said you can contact them in so many ways including the alternative once.

If you found any of the contact information wrongs you can let us know.

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  1. hi please do something about this dodica17 uses photos of other girls on her profile claims to be her. it doesn’t make sense how many times takes of puts on those photos that always are from the back or side ways never shows face. taken from the web and its not her. thank you

    1. Hi sweet and cute,
      It sounds really bad. Now you can report that profile. Just go bottom of that profile and click on “Report User” option.
      POF will investigate and terminate that profile as quickly as possible.
      Hope everything gets fine.

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