How to Check HP Warranty

How to Check HP Warranty


Having trouble with your hp product? Have you lost your Hp warranty card? Don’t worry, there are many ways to check any Hp products warranty status and support options availability.

Warranty varies on different Hp products such as Printer, Laptop Computer, Chromebook, Notebook, Tablet, Mobile & Others and your location where you want the support.

At time of buying any Hp products, Hp provides you a warranty card. So, you can easily claim your hp product warranty from that card if didn’t lost the card.

But if you lost your hp warranty card, what’s about the deal? I will be going through the Hp product registration which will give you the access to product and service information, warranty information, and special HP offers.

HP Product Registration for Warranty & Support

After buying any Hp product, you can easily register that product on Hp official site for gaining the access to the support options and warranty available for your product.

Don’t be panic, it took few minutes to register.

Step-1: Go to Hp official page for registration here.

HP Product Registration for Warranty

Step-2: As you can see, fill the Hp product registration form properly. Select your country, select your country language, select primary purpose and your product name or number.

Now question is how can you find the product number? Answer is; check the back side of your hp product. You will find the product name, model number, serial number etc.
HP Product registration

Step-3: Now click on search button for continue.

Step-4: On the very next page, it will show your product. Now you have to provide following information like serial number, purchase date, purchase location.

You also have to provide Personal Information such as First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, Mobile Number and Contact Preferences such as E-mail, Mail, Phone, Mobile Voice and Messaging option.

Now click on finish registration after providing all the information correctly and get access to Hp product services, support options & warranty information.

Manually Check HP Warranty Status

It will take few minutes. Only hp product’s serial number is require to manually check Hp warranty status. If you don’t get the serial number, please read the hp product registration part.

Step-1: Go to Hp official page for looking up your Hp warranty here.

Hp Warranty Check

Step-2: Now select country of purchase and provide serial number. If your product is not identifiable by serial number, they will ask for product number. Provide that and click check warranty.
HP warranty lookup

It will show your product warranty details and support options.

Manually Check Multiple HP Product Warranty Status

If you use multiple hp products, you can lookup their warranty status all together easily. This process is almost same as previous one.

Step-1: Go to here. Find the option for check multiple warranties just below check a single product warranty option. Click on continue button.
Check multiple HP warranties

Step-2: On the next page, enter the serial numbers of your Hp products and purchase country. Then click on submit button after check captcha.
how to check hp warranty
It will show you all your products warranty and support details.

Check HP Warranty Status via HP Support Assistant

This method will require HP Support Assistant and process differ in different windows version. Beside it is not available on all computers.

Step-1: Go to here and download HP Support Assistant. Then install it on your laptop or desktop computer.

Step-2: Check warranty now in HP Support Assistant; follow the photos given below.

Check warranty now in HP Support Assistant for windows 10
HP warranty laptop for Windows 10

Check warranty now in HP Support Assistant for windows 8
HP warranty laptop for Windows 8

Check warranty now in HP Support Assistant for windows 7
HP warranty laptop for Windows 7

Final Words about HP Warranty

This is how we can check our Hp products warranty such as Printers, Laptops, Computers, Chromebooks, Notebooks, Tablets, Mobiles etc.

But every methods may not work for you. Please recheck everything if you failed. And don’t forget to know me to help you.


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