How to Cancel My Dish Network Satellite Service?

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Dish Network, it’s a reputable satellite broadcasting service provider in the US. If you are currently using Dish Network in your home and wants to break the relationship with Dish Network, you should follow a certain procedure. Here we will provide you all answers related to, how to cancel Dish Network satellite service.

You may have got better offers from other satellite service provider or you’re moving from the town. In those cases, you should cancel Dish Network service. But if you are moving from your town for a while, then you can pause your television plan for a short period.

How to Cancel Dish Network Satellite Service?

To cancel Dish Network Satellite service, you have to use your mobile phone. Here’s all you have to do if you want to cancel your Dish Network subscription permanently.

Step 1: Firstly, call at 888-283-2309 by your mobile phone.

Step 2: Confirm your Dish Network subscription account by phone number.

Step 3:  Then provide 4-digit Account Security Code of yours.

Step 4: Now talk to a customer representative and tell them you want to cancel your subscription.

Step 5:  Follow the instruction that is provided by the customer presentative.

Last Lines

👉 During this call, the customer representative might offer you other plans and options to stay with Dish Network.
👉 Dish Network offers 2-years subscription for their customer. If you cancel your subscription before the 2-year period, then you have to pay the early termination fee.
👉 Generally, Dish Network provides basic some equipment to their subscribed customer. You have to give those equipment’s back to them otherwise you have to pay an extra charge.
👉 To pause your service, call 888-876-7918.

So, if you are intended to move off from Dish Network, then this process should be followed. Dish Network, doesn’t provide any online method to cancel Dish Network service. You have to do it all by a phone call.


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