How to Highlight Author Comments in Blogger

How to Highlight Author Comments in Blogger


In blogger, the comment boxes are same for  author and for readers. Sometimes it becomes necessary to highlight author comments to give a different look to author’s comments. Many blogger may want to give authors comment a  different look from readers comment. By this you can get attention from your readers as an author.  But in Blogger there is no direct option to customize author comments and highlight them. So you have to customize and highlight author comments manually.

If you want to highlight author comment and want to give a different look to author comments, then this tutorial can help you a lot. By this tutorial, you can change the color of author comment box, the border of author comment box and the color, the style,color and size of author comment text. To apply this changes on your author comment you have to follow those simple steps.

Steps to Highlight Author Comments in Blogger

Step 1. First of all you have to go at Blogger Dashboard and then go to Template >> Edit HTML.

How to Highlight Author Comment in Blogger

Step 2. Now click anywhere inside the HTML box and then press CTRL + F key to get search box inside the HTML box. You will get the search box on the top right side of the HTML box.

How to Highlight Author Comment in Blogger

Step 3. Now type or copy and paste this tag in the search box and hit Enter.

The tag have given here:

[wpsm_codebox style=”1″]</body>[/wpsm_codebox]

How to Highlight Author Comment in Blogger

Step 4. After that, if you can find the tag in the HTML box then just copy and paste this code above the tag.

The code have given here:

[wpsm_codebox style=”1″] <script src=’’/>
$(function() {
function highlight(){
.css(‘border’, ‘2px solid #FFA500‘)
.css(‘background’,’#F1F1F2 url(““)’)
.css(‘color’, ‘#444444)
.css(‘font-size’, ‘12px‘)
.css(‘padding’, ’10px’);
$(document).bind(‘ready scroll click’, highlight);

Note: You can customize your author comment box by changing those values according to your need. Just like this,

  • IF  you want to change the thickness of author comment box border, than just increase or decrease the value of 1px in code.
  • You can change the border style of author comment by replacing the “solid” text with dotted, dashed , inset  and outset.
  • #FFA500  is color value. If you want to change the color of border then just replace this color value with your favorite colour value.  You can get color code here.
  • #F1F1F2 is background color value of the comment box. To change the color of background just change this color code with your color code.
  • If you want to add image at background of comment box then just replace the blue URL with your image. If you don’t want to add any image then don’t replace it.
  • To change the font color of comment than change this “#444444” with your color code.
  • Increase of decrease “12px” to change the size of text in comment box.

Step 5. Just save the Template  by clicking “Save template”.

After all customization your Author comment should look like this:

How to Highlight Author Comment in Blogger

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