How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook

In Facebook, Mutual friends refer a friend that we have common with others. Generally, it gets showed up when you enter someone’s profile. It’s good, but sometimes it becomes annoying. In some particular situation, we feel the necessity to hide our mutual friends from others. So, here’s I will explain how to hide mutual friends on Facebook.

Although, there’s no option available on Facebook, to hide mutual friends instantly. But, there’s a way that how you can hide the mutual friends of your Facebook account. Let’s learn it.

How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook

To hide your mutual friends from other people like friends or public, you have to cross those steps. As mentioned Facebook doesn’t have any option to hide mutual friends, follow this procedure to solve this problem.

Step 1: Set your Privacy Settings to Only Me

Firstly, login to Facebook & set the Privacy settings to Only Me on your friend list. Yes, when someone enters you Facebook profile they can see all of your friends instantly. Also, then can view all mutual friends from the friend list. So, It’s better to hide them from the public and your friends also.

  • Click on the Manage(pencil) icon.

Click the pencil icon to get other options

  • Click on Edit privacy.Now click on Edit Privacy option to get more privacy options
  • Set the Privacy Settings of your Friend List to Only me.

Set the privacy settings of your friend list to Only me

Step 2: Tell your Mutual Friend to Change their Privacy Settings

After hiding your friend list, the mutual friends can also get showed up. If your profile still displaying mutual friends, then you need to consult your mutual friend to change their Privacy Settings to Only me. When they set Only me at friend list privacy, they won’t appear at your profile as a mutual friend. That’s it!

Step 3: Check your Facebook Profile

Now, you can check your Facebook account. Surely you won’t see any mutual friends displaying on your profile. Just go to your profile and click on ••• > View As.

See your profile with Facebook's new feature View as

Hide From being Displayed as Mutual Friend

See, sometimes you don’t wanna get seen as mutual friends of others. But, evil Facebook doesn’t provide any option to directly stop yourself from displaying as a mutual friend without unfriending them. Fortunately, there’s a way to cut down this system. Just edit your Friend List privacy to Only me. After that, no one can see your profile as a mutual friend. Except for Mark Zuckerberg.


When I entered into a person’s Facebook profile, I got my friend as a mutual friend. So, I tell him about this incident and he immediately changes his Friend list privacy settings to Only me. As a result, now he isn’t displaying as a mutual friend anymore.

See what's heppen, when your friend hides their facebook friend list

Last Lines

Mutual Friend helps us to find new friends on Facebook. It’s not that much annoying. But, we get trapped in a situation like when we have to hide it from the world. Sometimes friends also. However, Facebook doesn’t provide any solution to this, so we made ours.

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