How to Get Wells Fargo Account Number

Wells Fargo is a well-established banking corporation. It is one of the largest banks in United Staes. As a result, they have an enormous amount of bank accounts. Every account has individual numbers. The numbers are called as the Account number of Wells Fargo bank account. The account numbers are used to identify any individual Wells Fargo bank account. This Account number is used in many cases to process the banking operation. If you are a Wells Fargo Bank account holder, you should know your Wells Fargo account number.


The Account number is a private number for every individual banking account holder. At Wells Fargo, Bank account you have to manage two things to complete any transactions process. One is Routing Number and another is Account Number. The Account number is also used on setting up an automatic payment, direct deposit, draw/order checks and other multiple banking operations.

So, you must have your Wells Fargo account number to complete any kind of operation at Wells Fargo. So, that’s why we have explained several methods to find your Wells Fargo Account Number.

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Finding Wells Fargo Account Number

You can find your Wells Fargo Account number in 3 ways. Those are only authorized way to get your Wells Fargo account number.

  1. Using Wells Fargo online account.
  2. Using your check.
  3. Using Your Account Statement.

The full process of those methods is given here.


Method 1: Using Wells Fargo online Account

Step 1: Open your web browser and log into Wells Fargo online account.

Step 2: Then Click on any particular Wells Fargo account to see the account number.

Step 3: Now you will get the Account Activity Page. At the top of account activity page, there is displaying 4-digit number under your account name. Just click on that number.

Step 4: Now you will see your Account Number with a pop-up box.

How to Get Wells Fargo Account Number wells Fargo account

Method 2: Using Your Check

You can also look for your Wells Fargo account number using your bank checks. Take any Wells Fargo bank check of yours and follow the image. At the bottom part of your check, there is 3 set of numbers. The first one is your Routing Number and the second one is your Account Number. Note it!

How to Get Wells Fargo Account Number bank check

If you have any Business Cheek, then follow this picture.

How to Get Wells Fargo Account Number checking account bussness check

Method 3: Using Your Account Statement

The statement is another way to get your full Wells Fargo account number securely. Just take any previous statement paper. At the top side of your statement paper, you will see your Wells Fargo Account Number. If you want, you can also use your previous online statement to get your full Wells Fargo account Number.

For full information, follow the picture.

How to Get Wells Fargo Account Number statement

Remember, Your Account number is unique and this number is only used for your account. You shouldn’t share your Account number with any unknown person by phone or email. If anyone asked your Account number by phone or email just transfer the email at and delete that email. If the person is asking your account number by phone, then immediately call Customer Service and report to Wells Fargo.

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If you need more advanced help, you can go to your nearest Wells Fargo branch. Just locate any Wells Fargo branch and see the Hours and opening time. That’s all, hope you can solve your problems and get advanced help from Wells Fargo branch manager. You can also contact at Wells Fargo Customer Service to get real time official help from Wells Fargo.

So, have you found your Wells Fargo account number? Is it easy to find Account number in Wells Fargo? What about other banks?

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