How to Find a Hidden Profile on POF (Plenty of Fish)

Plenty of Fish is one of the most used dating sites. That’s why they people open their account on Plenty of Fish(POF) to find their best match. But for some different reasons, people hide their profile from being discovered. So, you should know how to find a hidden profile on POF and find one. There are some important reasons for this.


Using profile hiding features user can hide their Plenty of Fish(POF) account. That’s the problem. If someone hides their profile you can’t search him/her and find their profile. That means their profile is basically locked.

You Should remember that Plenty Of Fish only provides the Username search feature to Paid users

In Plenty of Fish(POF), they ask for upgraded(paid) membership to provide the Username search options. If you are a normal(non-paid) member in Plenty Of Fish, you can’t use the Username search features. So, the Search Username only available for paid users.

POF also closed the search option in many places. But using this technique, you can search for a profile from any place around the world.


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What do you need to find a Locked POF Profile?

To find a locked profile you need to use a web tool. Here you can find any kind of profile including locked and unlocked. Basically, when someone opens a Planty of Fish account, it is stored in the storage of Plenty Of Fish. Along with that, it’s also get indexed by other search engines. So, it’s possible to find anyone on POF.

You just need the Username of that locked profile that you want to find. Don’t worry you don’t have to remember the full name of the account. If you type the first part of profile name, all accounts with that name will appear on your screen.


If you are searching for people that you know, you can use any phrase that your known one can use. As an example, if you are searching your girlfriend and if she uses a common phrase ‘Sweety’ on her every online network (Facebook & Twitter etc.), you can search it to get the hidden account of her.

How to Find a Hidden POF Profile

To find You have to use this process on your internet connected device.

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to POF Username Search web tool.

Note: you might have to provide CAPTCHA before entering the web tool.

Step 2: Enter the Username of locked profile. Then click on named ‘Search POF for Username’.

How to Find a Hidden Profile on POF (Plenty of Fish) tool search box

Note: The username is case sensitive.

Step 3: Now you will get the search result of POF profiles with a short description.

How to Find a Hidden Profile on POF (Plenty of Fish) short discription search result

Note: you can click on the link to get the full information of that POF profile.

How to Find a Hidden Profile on POF (Plenty of Fish) pof profile

POF also sends a fake email, saying that ‘x’ wants to meet you. If you got any email like this, just search the username. Then you can find either is it a real or fake request.

If you are bit frustrated with POF then, you can also try other popular dating websites also: Badoo, Zoosk, eHarmony.


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