Access Facebook Full Site (Desktop Version) on Mobile

Access Facebook Full Site (Desktop Version) on Mobile

Usually, when you log into Facebook using a mobile browser, you get redirected to the mobile version page. The mobile version helps you to browse Facebook without any interruption, even if you are in the low-data plan. But sometimes you may want to browse Facebook with the desktop version. Desktop version helps you to get

Facebook Sign Up – How to Guide

Facebook Sign Up

Facebook is one of the giant social networking sites. Now, Its became the most used social networking site all around the world. On this modern day, It’s become a tradition to have a Facebook account. Facebook has around 1.71 billion active users that makes it a big social networking site. So, if you are willing to sing up

How to Sign Into Facebook Account Safely

Facebook is the world most popular online social media and social networking service that helps billions of people to connect with their friends, family and other people they know. Right now, it becomes a part of our daily life. Everyday, we need to login to Facebook many times. So, I’m here to guide you about

How to Download Facebook Video on Android | Easy Method

How to Download Facebook Video on Android

Download videos from Facebook easily on your android mobile. My today’s tutorial will show you step by step about how you can download Facebook video on an android phone. How to Download Facebook Videos to Computer People Also Search For: how to download videos from facebook on android? how to download video from facebook android?

Share Link on Facebook without Sharing Actual URL

What’s going on your mind? Facebook is an awesome platform to share our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and what not. For business, I think facebook is no.1 platform as because facebook is used by so many people and the number of user is increasing day by day.That’s why facebook is no-1 social media now a days.

Auto Post to Multiple Facebook Groups at Once (Script not Needed)

Facebook is the most powerful social media for advertisers, blog writers,internet marketers, brand and products to promote your business so easily and successfully. If you are a blogger, once you write an article on your blog/website, you must need to share the article to the social media like facebook to get a huge traffic and

How to Block Game Requests on Facebook (All or Single)

How to Block Game Requests on Facebook

It’s very much annoying to receive constantly lots of invites to use different apps or to play, Candy Crush Saga, The Sims, Poker, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Sweepstakes, Diamond Dash, Candy Crush, FarmVille and many more from your facebook friends but you have no interest to use them or play those games. Now you are

How to Cancel All Pending Facebook Friend Requests Easily

In this post, I am going to walk you through the fast way to cancel all pending Facebook friend requests. Facebook can trigger people to send friend requests towards both known and unknown people. It’s simply normal. But, when someone sent many friend requests every day, then Facebook treats the persons as being a fake

How to Disable Facebook People You May Know Feature

There have lots of features on the sidebar of Facebook current news-feed. The sidebar also includes from top to bottom trending topics, sponsored box, fan page suggestions, group suggestions, people you may know and many more. Here I will discuss how to disable Facebook People You May Know feature. Maybe those features are helpful for