How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

How to Delete Facebook Account

Learn step by step with pictures, how to delete Facebook account permanently in all device including PC, mobile, android, iPhone, iPad. Did you forget your email and password? Want to know, how to delete your Facebook account if you forgot your password and email? I will guide you through everything. Although Facebook is the biggest

How to Copy and Paste on Facebook App or Messenger

See How to Copy and Paste on Facebook App or Messenger

This post will guide you how to copy text on Facebook app or messenger and paste them anywhere either Facebook or somewhere else. This post will guide you how to do that on your android phone, tablet, iPhone, and iPad. Sometimes we find someone’s wall post interesting or informative that we want to share with

How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

It’s really tough to find someone on Facebook because it’s being used by 1.44 billion people around the world. Here I will show you how to do an advanced search on Facebook. Like, there are so many people who get similarly named on Facebook. And it’s almost impossible to find someone only by their name.

How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook

All steps on how to hide mutual friends on Facebook.

Generally, Mutual friends showed up separately when you enter someone’s profile. In some particular situation, we feel the necessity to hide our mutual friends on Facebook. So, here’s I am explaining how to hide mutual friends on Facebook. Truly speaking, there’s no option to hide mutual friends from your account instantly. But, I will show

Download Facebook Social ToolKit Free Latest Version

Download Facebook Social ToolKit Free Latest Version

Facebook Social ToolKit is a Google Chrome extension with lots of useful tools. Its a set of automated tools including account, removing, extraction tools. Here, you will find numerous options for your Facebook account. You can perform any actions with few clicks. It’s a combination of all Facebook shortcuts. Some options can be specially found

Facebook Profile Picture Size & Style: Best Practice

Facebook Profile Picture Size & Style

Learn about the best practice of Facebook profile picture size & style. The Facebook profile picture is the first thing everyone notices. It can be either a Facebook page or personal profile, But it works for both. Your profile picture should be fully optimized to attract people to interact with you or your brand. Here

Facebook Cover Photo Size & Style: best practice

Facebook Cover Photo Size & Style best practice

Do you want to know about Facebook cover photo size? What is the best practice to use it? At Facebook, most of the users are connected with one or multiple pages. It could be for business, celebrities, camping or other things. The Facebook pages are known as one of the strongest ways to tell people

How to Create Facebook Page 2018 Edition

How To Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook fan page is an amazing way to promote your business, gather support for the band, artist, etc very easily and quickly and advertise in a number of ways.  Never try to ignore Facebook because it’s a big platform and around 1.5 billion monthly active users use it. So you should create a Facebook page

Best Love Status 2018 | Whatsapp & Facebook Status

Best Love Status

A big collection of Cute, romantic, sweet, short, real & adorable best love status in 2018 for Whatsapp and Facebook is here. Below you will find the worlds most popular love status ever. Just go through the list of our love status and share with your beloved person on whatsapp, facebook, twitter, google plus, reddit,

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

In Facebook, You can only change your name at once in 60 days. So, be careful at setting your name on the Facebook profile. You should set a name that is used to call you. If you have set a wrong name on facebook then you can change it anytime. This tutorial will teach you