Facebook Profile Picture Size & Style

A Facebook page is one of the most useful and important elements of Social media. Using Facebook Page, you can spread your business and its popularity also. You can tell people about you and your products. It’s one of the best ways to provide information about you, your work and products. You can also encourage people to engage with you, like your business and products. Here we will discuss Facebook Profile Picture and its style and size. So stay tuned.

At Facebook Page, there is tow most important element. One is Profile Picture and another is Cover Photo. Those are the most viewed elements of your Page. It gives you the opportunity to make the first impression on your customer/fan/visitors.

So, it should be perfect and attractive that encourage visitors to get connected with your page. You should use your Profile Picture and Cover Photo to right diminution. You must follow some basic rule to choose the best Profile Picture and Cover photo for your Page. Once you have set everything, your Facebook page will be more effective than before.

What is Facebook Profile Picture?

Facebook Profile Picture: Profile Picture is a photo that is showed at the top right side of your Facebook Page. You will also see a small version of your Profile Picture beside your Page Name, in the timeline and Comment section.

Facebook Profile Picture Size & Style

Facebook Profile Size and Dimension

So, now you have known that Profile Picture is a very important element of a Facebook Page. It’s showing at the beginning(left side) of your Facebook page. You have to select your Profile Picture size perfectly according to Facebook standard.

Profile Picture Size in Computer: Your Profile Picture will be shown in 170 x 170 pixels on your computer

Profile Picture Size in Mobile: Your profile picture will be shown in 128 x 128 Pixels.

So, you should Upload Profile Picture,

  • In minimum 170 x 170 pixels (170 px Width, 170 px Height)

facebook profile picture size

What Should I Use as My Facebook Profile Picture?

Profile Picture: At the Profile Picture of your Page, you can use your Company Logo, Your Products, Workplace image of your Business. If the Facebook Page is your Public Figure, then you should give a Photo of your’s at the Profile Picture. Your Profile Picture should be in JPEG format as because it loads faster!

You can use many elements in your profile picture. Those are,
👉 Your Photo(if the Facebook page is your public figure)
👉 Logo of your organization.
👉 Photo of Storefront(if your organization has a store).
👉 Photo of your products.

As a result, your Facebook Profile Picture will be an ideal one.

How to Make a Facebook Profile Picture?

If you want to create or edit your Profile Picture by yourself, then you can use one of those tools.

Computer Softwares

You can User Computer software to create your Profile Picture logo. Those Are,
1. Adobe Photoshop
2. Adobe Illustrator
3. Gravit Designer

Web Tools

Web tools are one of the most useful tools that let you edit and make new graphic designs for your and Profile Pictures also.
1. Canva
2. PicMonkey
3. Pixlr Editor,
4. Fotor
5. Vectr
6. Piktochart

Best Practice for Facebook Profile Picture

You should always care about some subject’s wheel selecting your Facebook profile picture.

Those are,
👉 Make your profile picture clear and simple as possible.
👉 Try to use the logo of your organization.
👉 Don’t use the full logo if your logo is too large.
👉 Use Square photo as a profile picture.
👉 Always Use JPEG type image.
👉 Don’t use too many colors.
👉Use JPEG and high-quality picture.

So, chose a color combination that matches with your Cover photo.

How to Update Facebook Profile Picture

So, now you should have full knowledge and inspiration to update your Facebook Profile. But If you want to update your Profile picture, follow the Steps.

Step 1: At first, Log Into your Facebook account. Then go to your Facebook Page.

Step 2: Click on the Camera icon that is displaying at the bottom right side of your Profile Picture.

Facebook Profile Picture Size & Style

Step 3: Finally, Click on Upload Photo.

Facebook Profile Picture Size & Style


commentSo, that’s all about updating Facebook Profile Picture. I am sure, you will create a fantastic and amazing Profile Picture on your Facebook Page.

What do you think about Facebook Profile Picture Size and Style? You can comment your thoughts in the comment section.

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