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Edmodo is a social network that provides various kinds of tools for teachers and schools. Edmodo is based in San Mateo, California United States. Edmodo is working for bringing the new technology in the traditional learning system. Edmodo helps teachers to synchronize with their students and schools to give the highest output. Edmodo was started at 2008 and it was established by two school district employees who wants to improve the learning system for K-12 Schools and Teachers. Now Edmodo is a big family of approximately 78,733,623 members.


Edmodo Login Process

Edmodo online account requires a login process to get access. For the login process, you can use your any smart devices. You must have to connect your device with internet connection. The online account is most important thigs for their customers. So, Edmodo has set a high-security system for their online account. So, don’t worry about your online account. If you ever forgot your password or your information are getting wrong, you can also use the recovery process to retrieve your online account.

Edmodo Login on PC

One of the main devices of today’s murder technology is Personal Computer. So, if you are willing to use your Personal Computer to get your Edmodo online account then, this part is for yours. Here we will introduce the Edmodo online account login process on a Computer device. We would recommend you to use your computer for Edmodo login process.


Step 1: Set up your internet finally and then go to the web browser of your computer. Then you have to just go at the Edmodo official website. You can click here to get the official website of Edmodo.

Step 2: Then you will get this web page. AT the top right corner of the webpage, you will get the Login option for Edmodo online account. So, click on that option.


Step 3: Now you will get the login box of Edmodo online account. So, if you have got it, then you should enter your Email address or Username that was registered at your Edmodo online account. After using the first option, you have to input your password of Edmodo online account at the next option. Now click on the Login option.

Alternative Login on Personal Computer

You can also get access to your Edmodo online account using those options. First one is for Office 365 online account and other is for Google Account. So, if you have an Office 365 Account then use the first option. If you have Google Account, use the second option.

Edmodo Login on Mobile Device

If you are not interested in using computer device or you want to get started on your mobile device, you can use this process. Edmodo online account also supports mobile devices also. Mobile web browsers are also capable of running Edmodo online account smoothly. So, what are you waiting for? Get log into your Edmodo online account using your mobile device.

Step 1: At the beginning, you have to get the official web page of Edmodo with your mobile internet browser. Click here to get the web page. If you are facing any problem, you should reset your internet connection and try again.

Step 2: Then you should click on the Login option from the homepage of Edmodo.

Step 3: Enter your Email address that was used to your Edmodo account. You can also use your Username of online account instead of Email address. So. After that, you should provide the right password of your account(Edmodo). Click on the Login option.

Alternative Login Options

Alternative login options are also available for mobile users. Just use one of those options to get logged into your Edmodo online account alternatively. Remember you must have Office 365 or Google Account in case of using those options.

Edmodo Login on Edmodo Mobile App

You can also use the official mobile application of Edmodo to get your online account. This App will provide you all facilities from Edmodo that will allow you to collaborate with your teacher or students. Using your mobile device, you can get your Edmodo online account and other features anywhere you want.

Step 1: First, go to the App Store of your mobile platform and then download the Edmodo mobile application.

Download it from Google Play

Download it from Apple Store

Download it from Windows Store

Step 2: Then just open the App and then click on the Login option from the starting screen of Edmodo mobile App.

Step 3: Use your Edmodo online account information. At the first option, you need to provide your Username or Email address of yours that was used on your Edmodo online account. Then insert your password carefully and click on the Login option.

Alternative Login Options on App

Edmodo Forgot Password

If you ever forgot your Password at Edmodo, you will need to use this method:

Step 1: Go to the Login screen of Edmodo online account.

Step 2: Click on Forgot password?

Step 3: Enter your Email address that was linked to your Edmodo account. If you don’t want to use your Email, you can Enter your Username at this option. Then click on next.

Edmodo Forgot Username

If you forgot your Edmodo Username, then go to your teacher or your parents and they will solve your problem and you will get back your Edmodo online account Username.

If you have any question or if you want to know more about Edmodo then you can ask in the comment section. If you have any review or comment towards Edmodo, you can also add it.


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