Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10

Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10


If you just want to change your Microsoft account or remove your Microsoft account from you windows 10 to switch an local account, follow this part Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10 Locally. But if you want to delete your Microsoft account permanently, you should read my full article to know everything about Microsoft account.

My Experiences: I have a Microsoft account. Personally I like their most of the services. I’m using almost every services without using Microsoft account locally on Windows 10. I am using a local account on my laptop and desktop. Whereas I’m using Microsoft account on my browser to gain access of their services.

Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10

Why Microsoft Account is Necessary?

Before proceeding to delete Microsoft account, I want tell you about the beneficial side of this account. Microsoft Account is an email address and password which is necessary to do almost everything with Microsoft devices and services. It is obvious for you to gain access in different types of Microsoft services like Outlook, OneDrive, Office, Skype, Xbox Live, Bing, MSN, Stores etc.

Most Important Microsoft Services

Outlook is a email service from Microsoft like other popular email services and it’s a free personal service.

OneDrive is a free online storage space for keeping your files safe and share with your friends.

Office or Microsoft Office is a package of services which have a list of applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Those services are required to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can purchase and download full version or you can use online version free.

Skype is a telecommunications software by which instant messaging, voice or video calling and sharing some sorts of photos, videos etc.

Xbox Live: If you love games, you need Xbox Live. You can also play games with your friends and family members by using this application.

Bing is a search engine for getting faster and huge information.

MSN is a online news portal for all types of news, latest and popular. Microsoft Stores is an online store from where you can shop all latest software and technology products.

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Delete Microsoft Account

We know Microsoft account has so many beneficial side. But there has many reasons to delete a account. Windows-10 got many privacy violations, unapproved third party app and annoying start menu. There has a chance of leakage of information from your database.  So, deleting the account can be a great way to ensure that none of your data is being used by unapproved third party.
Warning: Before closing your Microsoft Account, You should be aware before closing your Microsoft account that you won’t be able to use any Microsoft products and software, earlier I mentioned those.

Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10 Locally

This part is for switching to local account from Microsoft account. To delete Microsoft account, it is mandatory. So at first we need to remove the account locally.

Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10

1. To do so, click on start menu and then click on Settings.

Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10

2. Now click on Accounts and enter into You Account. If you are sign in with your Microsoft account, you won’t be able to remove the account from your system. So, you need to sign in with local account instead of Microsoft account.

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Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10

3. To sign in with local account click on Sign in with a local account instead. On the very first screen enter your Microsoft account’s password. Then click on Next and on the next screen, create a local account.  At last step, click on sign out and finish. Now you got a local account.

4. Again go to the Settings from start menu, then Accounts and enter on Your Account option. Scroll down and you will find your Microsoft account.

Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10

5. Click on your account and it will say to manage or remove the account. So, click on Remove button and Yes. Now you successfully removed the account from your system.

Completely Delete Microsoft Account From Microsoft Webpage

Although you removed your Microsoft account from your local machine, all your information is being saved on the Microsoft webpage. So you must need to delete the account from Microsoft webpage.

1. To delete Microsoft account completely from Microsoft webpage, use this link.

Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10

2. Sign in using your email and password. Now verify your identity to get access to your security info.

3. After verifying your identity, it will say Make sure …[email protected]/ is ready to close. On that page, see below and click on Next button.

Delete Microsoft Account on Windows 10

4. On the very next page Mark …[email protected]/ for closure, mark all the options. Now select a reason why do you want to delete your account? And finally click on Mark account for closure.

Microsoft takes 60 days to completely delete Microsoft account from their webpage. During this time don’t try to login you account. If you login your account, it will restore again. So wait 60days to completely delete Microsoft account.

Final Words

If you face any problem regarding deleting your account or if you don’t understand any steps, don’t hesitate to inform me using comment box or contact page.


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  1. I have a hotmail email address, will I lose that completely by doing these steps….Because I have a lot of information on my email account.

    • Hey Amanda,
      Just Follow this part “Remove Microsoft Account on Windows 10 Locally”. It will remove your Microsoft from windows 10. Don’t follow this part “Completely Delete Microsoft Account From Microsoft Webpage”, it will delete your account.


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