How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently Without Password

how to delete Gmail account permanently without password? Basically, you can’t delete any online account without getting access to it. If you are not logged into the account, then you don’t have any control. So, if you want to perform any kind of operation on any online account, then you have to get access to it. Like same way, you can’t delete any Gmail account without getting logged into it. So, if you want to delete a Gmail account, then you must know the password of that account. But don’t worry we will introduce you all methods and guidelines to delete that Gmail account.


At first set a new password and then delete it!

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How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently Without Password?

As we said, you can’t delete any Gmail account if you don’t know the password. But it’s not the end, you should take some steps to delete that Gmail account. Follow this instruction to delete a Gmail account with an unknown password.


Reset Your Gmail Password

If you don’t know the current password, of that Gmail account, then you should reset the Password. Resetting password of a Gmail account it too easy. Here’s how you can do it,

Step 1: Go to the login page of Gmail.

Step 2: Enter the email of that Gmail account.


Step 3: Follow the instruction and verify yourself.

For more detail:

Then you can set a new password for that Gmail account.

Delete the Gmail account permanently from PC

After resetting the password, now you can delete this Gmail account permanently. To delete any Gmail account permanently follow this process,

Step 1: Go to Account Preference Page.

Step 2: Click on ‘Delete products’

Step 3: Verify your identity by Password.

Step 4: Chose Gmail and follow the instruction to delete it permanently.

For more detail:

After this process, your Gmail account will take 2 days to get deleted permanently.

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Delete your Gmail(primary) account from Mobile Phone

If your wants to delete any Gmail account from your Android phone without a factory reset, then this method might help you.

Step 1: Open your Android set and go to Settings.

Step 2: Go into the Gmail account.

Step 3: Now select the ‘Remove account’ option.

For more detail:

👉 You can’t delete any Gmail account without knowing the exact password.
👉 When you delete your Gmail account, all information and emails also get deleted from the Google server.
👉 If you follow the reactivating process of Gmail account between next two days then, you will be able to recover your Gmail account.
👉 If you are facing login problems in Gmail, then you can see the full login process of Gmail.
👉 You can also open a new Gmail account if you don’t have any.

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The Bottom Line

So, we hope that you got all answer about how to delete Gmail account permanently without a password.

So, what was the story behind this step? Why you have to delete a Gmail account without password? Tell us about your experience.

If there any problem in between any of those mentioned processes, then you can comment here.



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