How to Delete a Meetup Group

How to Delete a Meetup Group


The Meetup is a web platform to create, schedule & organize events. It’s easy to create a new event on Meetup. But it isn’t that much easy to delete a Meetup Group. When you decide to step-down, it should be done quicker. So, without adding more stuff, here’s how to delete a Meetup Group quickly.

How to Delete a Meetup Group on Computer

To delete a Meetup Group that you have created, you should use the mentioned process step by step. Before deleting an event, you should email all joined members about this news. Once you did that, you are ready to delete the Meetup complete.

Step 1: Firstly, login to Meetup using your computer web browser. You can Login manually or via Facebook or Google account.

Login to your Meetup online account manually or via Facebook or Google id

Step 2: Go to your created Meetup Group page. Now click on the 3-doted icon.

Step 3: A drop-down menu will appear, just select Step down as Organizer.

Step 4: Unselect all members selected members.

Step 5: Click on red Skip button.

Unchecke all members from the list and click on Skip button

Step 6: Write a reason to delete the Meetup Group. Then click Next.

Step 7: Click on Continue.

Step 8: Then click on the delete the Meetup link that is found under Are you Sure?.

Click on the Delete this Meetup link to get next option

Step 9:  Go to Delete this Meetup > Done!

Press the button to confirm deletion of your Meetup Group

That’s how you can delete your Meetup group permanently. Remember, all of the related data will also get deleted along with your Meetup group. So, be sure about that before deleting any event as an organizer.

How to Delete a Meetup Group on Mobile

If you are unable to manage a computer, delete the Meetup Group from your smartphone. You can do it with the mobile web browser. The mobile version of Meetup also provides options to cancel the event. Just do the following as instruction.

Step 1: Firstly, Login to Meetup account. Or login using your Facebook or Google account.

Step 2: Browse the Meetup Group you want to delete.

Step 3: Click on ••• > Step down as Organizer.

Step 4: Uncheck all boxes beside all members. Click on Skip.

Step 5: Enter the reason for deleting your Meetup Group. Click Next & then Continue option.

Step 6: Tap on the Link named delete the Meetup.

Step 7: Finally, confirm the deletion by going into Delete this Meetup > Done.

Instantly your created Meetup group will get deleted. Once you are done deleting, you won’t be able to retrieve the group again. That’s why you have to be responsible for taking this action.

How to Delete a Meetup Group on Android and iOS Apps

The Meetup also has a dedicated app for each Android and iOS platform. In Meetup app, you can do all the general stuff like joining or creating Groups. But unfortunately, there’s no option to Delete a Meetup Group from the Meetup Apps. Not for Android and nor iOS apps.

Meetup is an amazing app, but you can't delete a Meetup Group on your Android and iOS Meetup app

If you have an internet connection on your phone, then follow the previously mentioned process on your mobile.

How to Delete a Series of Meetup Group

Sometimes you may organize a full series of Meetups. If you decide to close those events, you can do it in tow ways. Firstly, you can delete them one by one using the mentioned process that was mentioned before. Secondly, you can remove the whole series of Meetup Groups at once. Here’s how you can do that.

For Computer & Mobile

Step 1: Login to Meetup and browse your Meetup Groupe page.

Step 2: Now, select Meetups.

Step 3: Chose the next Meetup that is in the series.

Step 4: Go to Organizer Tools > Cancel Meetup.

Step 5: Then, click on Cancel this Meetup and all following Meetups.

Step 6: At the end, confirm it by clicking Cancel Meetup.

Wasn’t it so easy? But, again be sure about deleting your Meetup Group. Also, don’t forget to inform the closing news to all subscribed members. Deleting Groups will remove all information from the Meetup website.


  • Make sure that you have informed all joined event members, before closing any Group.
  • After deleting your Meetup Group, all of its information like photo, information like discussion, photos, members and others.
  • You should remove your Meetup Group on your responsibility.


Organizing a Meetup is amazing. You can learn sometimes, inspire others and contribute yourself to the community. Therefore, if you get trapped to delete the event, you should do it as fast as possible. It’s your duty as an organizer to send this news to all joined members.


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