How to Copy and Paste on Facebook App or Messenger

How to Copy and Paste on Facebook App or Messenger


This post will guide you how to copy text on Facebook app or messenger and paste them anywhere either Facebook or somewhere else. This post will guide you how to do that on your android phone, tablet, iPhone, and iPad.

Sometimes we find someone’s wall post interesting or informative that we want to share with others without sharing the post itself. Because we do not want to tell the person that we just share his/her post personally. Many of us also want to copy text from the messenger. So, let’s do it.

Copy and Paste Text on Facebook App with Android

You can easily copy any text on Android by typing on it for a long time. But by default, you can’t actually copy any text on Facebook App. So, we have to follow the alternative process for that.

Method 1: Update your Facebook App

The latest Android Facebook App lets you copy any text. If you can’t it’s probably you are using the old Facebook app. After installing the new Facebook app, just tap and hold on the text you want to copy.

Select Copy text option. That’s it.

Long press to copy text on Facebook app

If you want to paste the copied text, just press and hold on the text field and tap on Paste option.

The copy option on Facebook App

Method 2: Copy Paste

Copy and Paste is a free software that lets you copy any selected text. Even if you are on the Facebook App, you can still copy texts.

Firstly, download it from Google Play and install it on your Android device. Then open your Facebook app and select the text you want to copy.

Method 3: Office Lens

Another alternative is to use Office Lens to copy and Paste text on Facebook. The Office Lens is an OCR(Optical Character Reader) software.

At first download it from Google Play. Then open Facebook app and press power + volume key to take a screenshot of the text you want to copy. Put it on Text Fairy to copy the text.

Method 4: Mobile Browser

Last but the generic way is to use the mobile browser. Yes, if you have seen an amazing status and wants to copy it, then open it on your mobile browser. Log into your Facebook account and browser the status and copy it.

The option to selecting text in Android browser

Copy and Paste Text on Facebook App with iPhone and iPad

As with Android, it’s also easy to copy text on Apple devices. But it’s impossible to copy and paste text on Facebook App. Even in iPhone and iPad. Follow the alternative way instead.

Method 1: Update Facebook App

In the earlier version of Facebook, there was no option to copy text. But in the latest iOS Facebook app, you can copy and past easily. So, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Facebook App on your iOS device.

Just tap and host on the text you want to copy.

Now, just tap on the

Method 2: FBcopyTXT

The best app to copy text on Facebook iOS App

The only amazing way to copy text on the iOS device is to use FBcopyTXT. Just download it from iTunes and install it on your device. Open Facebook app and long press on the text you want to copy. Instantly you will get the option to copy text!

Method 3: CamScanner

As an alternative, you can use Cam Scanner app. It’s a software that can read documents from the photo. It will also help you to copy text from Facebook App.

Step 1: Open Facebook App and take a screenshot of the text you want to copy.

Step 2: Put it on the CamScanner app. You will get the texts. Just copy it and past it any ware.

Method 4: Mobile Browser

Well, that’s the basic. If you still face a problem, you can just open the status on your internet browser. Just long press on the text and you will get the option to copy.

Copy and Paste on Messenger with Android, iPhone, and iPad

Copy and pasting on Messenger is still somehow easy to do. Here’s a step by step process to copy and past one Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: Long press on any text to copy. Select the copy option when you get it.

The selected text to copy on Android

Step 2: Open the Messenger app on your Device. Start a new conversation.

Step 3: Long press on the text field.

Step 4: The Paste option will pop-up there. Click on the Paste option.

Paste option to paste coped text on Facebook Messenger


Yes, now you can send the message to your friends easily. It’s easy and fun also.


Many of you may want to enable copy text in the Facebook app. But, its already enabled in the recent update of the App. So, you should update your current Facebook app.

If you can’t update your Facebook app for any reason, I would suggest you follow alternative options. As it is 2018 and the problem is gone to the new version of the Facebook App. Now, it’s easier to copy and past Facebook app and messenger.


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