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Comcast is a global telecommunications company based in America. It is the biggest broadcasting and television network in the world, for its revenue. Also, they have gained the position of second largest paid television company and also the largest company in providing high-speed internet connection in the United States. Comcast is also known for their telephone service.


However, Comcast is company for global media and technology and they have two primary businesses. Those are Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal. Comcast Cable is one of those products that provides video, high-speed Internet and phone service nationwide that branded with Xfinity. They are also providing their business services through Comcast Business brand. With 1000 companies Comcast Enterprise is also a part of Comcast Xfinity.

If you have a Comcast Xfinity online account and willing to get signed in to your account and enjoy all features of Comcast Xfinity using your random devices, then follow those processes according to your device or platform.

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Comcast Login on PC

If you are a personal computer user and using your computer device to get logged in at your Comcast Xfinity account then follow those steps,

Step 1: First of all, create a secure and working net connection at your computer and open your web browser. Then search for Comcast/Xfinity or you can go here.

Step 2: Now you will be directed to Comcast(Xfinity) official website. From this website click on Sing In option.


Comcast Login

Step 3: After getting the Log in the page, Give your Email Address or Mobile number at the first option. You can also use your Username instead of Email or Mobile number. Then Enter your password and write the Moving letters at the next option. At the end click on SIGN IN.

Comcast Login

Note: if you want to Get signed in at your Comcast Xfinity account using your Facebook account then you can click on Connect Using Facebook.

Comcast Login

Now you will get the asses into your Comcast Xfinity account and you will be able to get all entertainment of Comcast.

Comcast Login on Mobile

The amazing fact is that you can get all features of Comcast on your mobile device using your Comcast Xfinity account. So, if you want to get signed in at your Mobile device then maintain those steps.

Step 1: Make sure you have well-connected internet connection on your mobile device. Then open your internet browser and search for Comcast Xfinity. You can also go over here.

Step 2: Now the official website of Comcast will appear on your mobile screen. To get the Sing in option, scroll the web page and click on My Account.

Comcast Login

Step 3: After that, you have to fill up some empty option at the log in page. Just you have to do,

  • Put your Username or Email address or mobile number at the first option.
  • Enter the correct password of your Comcast
  • Write those moving letters.

At the end of this process click on Sing In.

Comcast Login

Your work has done! Now you will be redirected to your Comcast online Account and you will be able to use all those services using your own mobile device.

Comcast Login on App

Comcast Login

Comcast Xfinity has several apps to use, but in this tutorial, we are featuring XFINITY TV App here, you can stream TV shows, serial episodes using any internet connected device. This App makes easy to watch live TV anywhere using your mobile devices. This App has some excitement features to use just like you can watch more than 180 channels of Live TV on the go from any available Wi-Fi or cellular connection in the United States if you filter by Available out of the home. Also, you can choose from tens of thousands of TV shows and movies available for streaming On Demand some of which are available to download for offline viewing by filtering for Available for Download, And many more features.

Comcast Login

If you want to use this revolutionary App on your Mobile device, at first you have to get logged in at XFINITY TV App. So, follow those steps to get logged in at This App.

Step 1: Download the latest XFINITY TV App from your won App Store.

Download XFINITY TV App from Google Play

Download XFINITY TV App from Apple Store

Note: Unfortunately XFNITY TV App currently isn’t available at Windows Store.

Step 2: After Downloading and Installing, just open this App. Now you will get the starting page of XFINITY TV App. Click on Get Started to continue.

Comcast Login

Step 3: Now you will be guided to the login page. Give your Username or Email Address or Mobile number at the first option. Then enter the correct password of your Comcast account and the insert those Moving characters at the last option. After completing those click on Sing In option.

Comcast Login

If you have completed those steps correctly, then you will get permission to use this App and enjoy those TV features!

Forgot Comcast Password

If you have forgotten your current password of Comcast account, then you should follow this method to recover your account,

Step 1: Click here to get the login page of Comcast(Xfinity).

Step 2: Now click Forgot your password?, That is situated at the bottom of the login page.

Comcast Login

Step 3: Enter you Comcast Xfinity Username and click on Continue.

Comcast Login

Step 4: Write those floating letters and click Continue.

Comcast Login

Step 5: Now give your Mother’s Maiden name as a secret question and Enter the Zip code at the next option.

Comcast Login

Note: If you failed to remember the answer click on I Don’t remember my answer.

Step 6: Now contact with Comcast Xfinity corporation by chatting or calling at mentioned Xfinity number. They will give you the reset code, just enter code and click on Continue.

Comcast Login

Now you will be guided to how you can reset your Comcast Xfinity account password. After resetting your password, you can use your new password to get signed in at your account.

So, Here’s all for Comcast Xfinity account login and account recovery process. Use those processes at your Comcast Xfinity account, if you need those. We Hope those will help you to get the basic and FAQs of Comcast account Sign in and recovery process.


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