How to Close Wells Fargo Account – Cancel Wells Fargo Bank Account

We are not telling that Wells Fargo is the best banking corporation in the United States. It also has some downsides and controversies. There is so many banking and credit union organization all over the country. They might be more beneficial banking organization for you. Every banking organization is different and their services also. Some people can’t find the best matching with Wells Fargo. And it could happen to anyone.

Thus, you are one of them and interested to close your Wells Fargo account. It’s normal to close a bank account if you once opened there. It might get any reasons to close a bank account. Here’s are some,

  • You might get have got better banking company for you.
  • You might have to move into new place.
  • There might be no Wells Fargo branch near your new home.
  • You may get disappointed for Wells Fargo activities.

There are tons of reasons to cancel or stop a banking account. But it’s not necessary to show any reasons to close a banking account. You can close your bank account anytime. It’s all about you. And Wells Fargo gives that freedom to you.

Remember, a zero balanced Wells Fargo bank account doesn’t mean, that your account is closed. Rather, they charge a monthly fee for your zero balanced Wells Fargo account. And also, time by time your zero balance will start getting negative balance. So, it necessary to close your Wells Fargo account, if you don’t have any feature transactions at Wells Fargo.

As a well-known financial institution, Wells Fargo lets you close your banking account any time you want. They have not set any critical or complicated process to stop or close any Wells Fargo banking account. It’s too easy to understand and complete the task.

Close A Wells Fargo Bank (Checking & Savings) Account

Before Closing your Wells Fargo bank account, you must look at some points. At first, you have to clear your Wells Fargo account. If you have any balance at your Wells Fargo account, you must transfer it to another Bank account. You have to also reconcile your pending transactions before closing the account. If you have cleared your Wells Fargo Bank account and don’t have any future transaction at Wells Fargo, follow one of those three methods to close your account.

  1. Using Wells Fargo online account.
  2. Using phone.
  3. By Wells Fargo branch.

Here is the Full process of those methods.

Method 1: Close Wells Fargo Account on Computer

Step 1: Firstly, open your web browser and log into Wells Fargo online banking account using Wells Fargo login process.

Step 2: Now click on ‘Contact Us’.

Step 3: Then go to the option named ‘Email Us’. It is located underneath ‘Other Ways to Contact Us’ section.

Step 4: Now chose the Wells Fargo to account you want to close. Then send them an Email request to close your Wells Fargo account.

Method 2: Close Wells Fargo Account Using Mobile Phone

You can request to close your Wells Fargo account at Wells Fargo Customer Service. Call at the given number. At the beginning, you may have to give your Wells Fargo account number. Then you must choose the option to talk with a Wells Fargo customer service representative. Talk with him/her and they will do the rest of work!

NamePhone NumberAvailability
Wells Fargo – General Banking Customer Service Representative1-800-869-355724 Hours

Method 3: Close Wells Fargo Account from Their Branch

One of the safe and authorized way to close your Wells Fargo account is by going at your nearest Wells Fargo Brunch. The employees(banker/manager) will help you to close your Wells Fargo account completely. You just have to locate a Wells Fargo branch according to your address. Then see the exact hours and location of that Wells Fargo branch and visit them. That’s it.

If you still have some balance and outstanding stuff on your Wells Fargo account, then you can also request for Cashier’s Check at any Wells Fargo branch. You have to complete Account Closure or Partial Withdrawal Request form and provide a specific amount of fee. You can also apply for Cashier’s Check by mailing Wells Fargo.

Close Wells Fargo (CreditCard, Line of credit, Loan) Account

If you want, you can also close your Wells Fargo Credit(card, a line of credit or loan) Account. Before closing your Credit(credit card/line of credit) account, you have close automatic bailing process of your Credit Card. You have to cancel all future transactions of your Credit Card, just like your mobile phone bills, cable bills or any kind of monthly, yearly subscription fees. Find a new payment option so, that your lifestyle goes smoothly without any unexpected incident.

You can close any Wells Fargo credit account in those ways,

  • If you want to close your credit account on Wells Fargo, you have to call the authorized Customer Service department of Wells Fargo and request them to close your account. You can find the perfect customer service number of for your account category at Wells Fargo Customer Service Phone Number

Remember: Closing a Credit Account may decrease your Credit Score.

Need extra information? Then knock us at the comment box. We will help you.

Close A Wells Fargo CD(time deposit) Account

You can also close your Wells Fargo CD account which is also called by ‘Time Account’. Closing a CD(Time) account is also very easy. You just have to take one of those ways to close your account and that’s the end!

Remember, you may have to give fines if you close your Wells Fargo CD(Time) account before the maturity date of your CD(Time) account.

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That’s how you can close or cancel your any Wells Fargo account. Fortunately, Wells Fargo doesn’t complicate the closing process of any kind of Wells Fargo account. Just follow the direct instruction and your account will be closed. Isn’t it too easy?

Be sure that you have cleared all at your Wells Fargo account that you want to close.


So, what’s your opinion? Is the process looks easy? Why do you want to close your account at Wells Fargo? What is the reason behind it? Let us know in the comment section.

You can also ask for any kind of help at the comment section. We are always here to find a solution for your problem and help you. So, don’t be shy to comment.

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