CLONEit for PC – Download on Mac & Windows

CLONEit for PC – Download on Mac & Windows


CLONEit is a fantastic app to clone your smartphone and to transfer the data to your PC. As we know, this app is only available on Google Play and it has no .exe and .dmg format file. It is not made for the Windows or MAC computer. Don’t worry, we have excellent ideas to use it on your laptop or desktop.

This tutorial will cover the procedure to use CLONEit on your PC via android emulator. As you will be able to use it on the PC, so you can clone your phone and transfer it to your PC.

Note: Your laptop or desktop must have wifi receiver to receive data. Most of the laptop is built with a wifi receiver. You may face a problem if you are a desktop user. In that case, you can buy a portable wifi receiver from any store.

Why Should I Use CLONEit on PC

There are many reasons to save your Android phone all data for later use such as experiment on the phone, playing games on pc from the same stage, resetting the phone, preserving contacts, SMS, & MMS, etc.

Whatever it is, this app can clone almost everything like apps & apps preferences, and games & games progress. So, when you fear any problem may happen to your phone, just use this to clone it before losing vital data.

Another this is, you can use the same android phone on your laptop or desktop, the same game or app.

Tutorial to Download CLONEit on MAC/Windows

First of all, we need an android emulator to setup CLONEit for the computer. As you know, the android emulator can run any android app or game.

There are several android emulators among them most popular are Bluestacks, MEMU, Nox App Player, Droid4X, AndyRoid, etc. You can use any of them to run the android app.

Now jump to the steps to download CLONEit for windows or mac. In here, I am trying to show you to run this app on Bluestacks. The procedures are similar for both. So, follow accordingly whatever you are using.

1. Go to Bluestacks official website by searching it on Google or directly from here.
2. Download and install Bluestacks software in your windows or mac as you install other software.
3. Open Bluestacks and run Google Play inside it.
4. Search for CLONEit app and install it to the Bluestacks.
That’s all about downloading CLONEit on PC.

Use CLONEit on PC

As you have installed the app, you may say, how can I copy my android phone to PC or how can I use it. The answer is simple, your windows or mac is an android phone inside Bluestacks software. So, use the app as you do on the android.

1. Open CLONEit app on your android phone and the Bluestacks.
2. Tap the Sender button on Android and click on the Receiver inside the Bluestacks.
3. After connecting, select the data and tap on the clone button on your phone.


Q1. Can I use CLONEit on Windows XP?
Yes, you can use it on windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Apple MAC laptop or desktop. It does not matter as long as your android emulator support, you can use it anywhere you want to.

Q2. Can I use it on Linux based operating system Tizen?
By Bluestacks, it is not possible but you can use ACL for Tizen to run it. To do so, open Tizen store and search for ACL for Tizen. Then go to settings and select enabled. After that launch the play store and run CLONEit on Linux.

Q3. Do I need APK file for PC?
Not necessarily as long as you have play store inside the Bluestacks. But If you don’t have play store, then you can install it from apk.

Q4. Is it free?
Yes, Bluestacks is free and CLONEit also free. So you don’t need to pay anything extra.

Q5. Can I use CLONEit without an android emulator?
No, you can’t. Android emulator is a must to use any android app on pc.

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