How To Change Default Language In Google Chrome Browser

How To Change Default Language In Google Chrome Browser


Are you in a bad situation with the Google Chrome browser? Want to change its default language? Or you have changed it before, now want to back to English again?

In this article, I will cover everything about Google chrome language settings, change it to any language or changing back to English.

Where is the language settings in google chrome?

Any change you want to make to its language, at first, you have to locate the language settings. It is located inside the advanced settings.

Now how to access advanced settings in chrome browser? Let me tell you all the steps with pictures and video.

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Step-1: Go to Chrome Settings
How to access to Google Chrome Settings
Open your chrome browser by clicking on red green yellow icon. If you can’t find that, press Windows logo key +S on keyboard at the same time. A search box will appear, type Chrome and then hit Enter button.

After the opening of chrome browser, click on menu icon which is a 3 dots icon situated on the right upper corner at the browser bar after the current user icon.

A drop-down menu will appear, find the Settings option and click on it. Usually, it is situated in the last few options, just above the help option.

Or, you can go to chrome browser settings directly by typing chrome://settings/ in the browser bar and pressing enter button.

Step-2: Find Advanced Settings
How to access Google Chrome Advanced Settings
Now you are the setting of chrome browser, scroll down to the bottom, you can see a clickable advanced button. Click on Advanced and enter advanced settings in your chrome browser.

Change Default Language In Google Chrome Browser

After following the previous 2 steps, you are now in advanced settings. It’s time to change the default language whatever you want to.

Step-3: Find Language Settings
Access Google Chrome Language Settings
In advanced settings, scroll down and look for Languages. After finding that, click on first down arrow (˅) right to the current language to open other options inside it.

Here are your order languages based on preference and add languages option. Click on Add languages to add any language.

Step-4: Add Languages
How to Add Language to Google Chrome
Google Chrome has almost every language to translate it. Type your language in the search box, it will show the language just below it by filtering. Select the language and hit Add button to add it to your preference languages.

Example: To show you the procedure, here I add Chinese traditional language. I search for Chinese, so it shows me the all Chinese language available. I select Chinese traditional and hit the add button.

Step-5: Change Language
Language in Google Chrome
Now click on 3 dots button right to the newly added language for more actions and popup box will open.

Desplay google chrome in new language
As you can see, there are two options in this popup. One is Desplay Google Chrome in this language, it is for changing its display language. So, you have to mark this to change default language to yours.

Another is Offer to translate pages to this language, it is just for translating the pages you will visit by this browser.

Besides, you can move this language to the top of your preference languages by clicking on move to the top button. And also can remove the language by clicking on the remove button.

Change google chrome in a new language
You’re almost done, just click on Relaunch button to change the default language by new one. The Google Chrome browser will restart and desplay with newly set language, in my case it is chinese traditional language.

Change Google Chrome Language Back to English

All the above-mentioned procedure are the same to change the Google Chrome browser language back to English. You can change it to any language like Chinese, Spanish, German, Hindi, Tamil, French, Arabic, Korean, Urdu or whatever you want because it contains almost every language.

As you know, I have changed my chrome browser language to Chinese traditional. Now I will show you how I go back to English.

Use Google Translator
If the current Google Chrome language is your native language, then just follow the above procedure. But it will be difficult when the language is not your native.

For nonnative, I like to suggest you to use google translator. It will be very easy to find all the options you need to use.

As you know from previous section, at first we need to go to settings. So, go to translator and translate settings to the current chrome language. For my case I translate it to chinese traditional.
google translator to translate english to chinese

After opening my chrome browser, I click on 3 dots menu icon as shown in picture and I look for the settings option which is now translated to chinese traditional.
Access to settings of Google chrome browser chinese
Or you can directly go to setting by browsing chrome://settings/.

Then I scroll down to the bottom and click on toggle icon named advanced. It will open the advanced settings as I explain in the previous section.

Now translate languages and look for it. After that add languages and click on it. Search for English, mark it and click on the add button.

Finally click on 3 dots next to newly added language, mark Display Google Chrome in this language and click on Relaunch button to restart it back to English.


How do I force Chrome to translate a page?
How to force Chrome to translate a page
For a specific language, add that language by following upto 5th step as mentioned previously. Then you have to mark Offer to translate pages in this language instead of display Google Chrome in this language.

But for all languages, mark the option named Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read.

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