How to Edit PDF in Google Docs

There are many ways to edit PDFs online with dedicated PDF editing tools, but there is also a way to edit PDFs in Google Docs. While Google Docs does not provide the level of customization that tools like Adobe Acrobat or other specialized software programs do, it still gives users a way to edit the … Read more

Outsourcing IT To Drive Your Business Forward

If you’ve ever Googled ‘managed service provider’, it might seem like finding the perfect MSP for your company is a straightforward process – however, it can be tricky to parse out the high quality providers from those who have just invested a lot in marketing. Inevitably, some providers are better than others, and there are … Read more

How To Build Your Own Keyboard

Are you looking to sink your teeth into a brand-new tech project? If so, why not consider building your own keyboard? Whether you’re an experienced technology designer or a newbie in this field, this is a great DIY challenge to undertake simply because it requires focus, patience, and attention to detail. Here’s everything you need … Read more

How to quickly copy text from images

Image to text or picture to text converter is a tool that makes you able to convert text present on any image into a text file or a document. This method is done through Optical Character Recognition technique. OCR (Optical character recognition) is considered one of the most established techniques of data entry that provides … Read more

8 Common MacBook Problems and How to Fix Them

While the hardware and software compatibility on a MacBook surpasses a laptop running on Windows, you may still find yourself struggling with common problems. But, troubleshooting is reasonably straightforward. If you still have Apple coverage, you can have them fix it for you at no cost, go to a Genius Bar, or better yet, try … Read more

3 Important Elements of a MacBook’s Security

If you have been using a MacBook for a while, you should have heard stories about how Macs are not prone to cybersecurity threats and that there is no need to worry yourself about the issue. Well, macOS users may have fewer issues when it comes to computer viruses, but it does not mean that … Read more

How to Instantly Download Any Video Online?

Watching videos is the favorite time passing activity of everyone on the internet. Everyone has their favorite place of managing content. The problem arises when you need to download content from the internet as there is no option by all the publishing websites, including YouTube. In this scarce resource, we will introduce you to the … Read more

How Gadget Makers Can Protect Users from a Hacking

While technology users are responsible for securing their gadget to a degree, it is becoming increasingly apparent that device manufacturers are also responsible for protecting consumers from a potential cyber attack. Due to the rise in cybercrime, greater pressure is being placed on device manufacturers to develop a secure gadget design, which should be easy … Read more

Mattress Materials: A Complete Guide

For a long time, mattresses were simple things. You had the choice of innerspring, or if you were well off, memory foam. Today, there are far more choices out there for different budgets and preferences, with gels for cooling, pillow tops and hybrid offerings providing flexibility at different price points. Take a look at the … Read more