How to Block Someone on POF (Plenty of Fish)

Plenty Of Fish is one of the most used dating sites. Here you will find your best match for love. Here people can view your profile, contact with direct messages(email) and much more. But someone you have to get rid of some users that are annoying towards yours. That’s why you should know how to block someone on POF(Plenty of Fish).


As a most popular dating site, POF gets a large range of men and women. By its popularity, it has known to everyone. So, almost every kind of single men and women are intended to open a POF account. Some of them might seem you annoying. But if someone annoys you via email at POF you can kick out from your POF account. It’s easy.

There are few ways to block people on POF(Plenty of Fish). You can use that method on your smart device and you will surely get rid of those offensive people.

How to Block Someone on POF Using Computer

Please turn on the internet connection at your computer device before starting the process.

Step 1: Open your favorite web browser and log into your Plenty Of Fish account.

Step 2: Now go to the inbox of your POP(Plenty Of Fish) account.


Step 3: Find and open the chat history of that particular person.

Step 4: Near message composition box, you will find an option named ‘Block User’. Click on it.

How to Block Someone on POF (Plenty of Fish) block user option

That’s all that particular POF user will get blocked by yourself.

How to Block Someone on POF Using Mobile App

Before starting the process, Configure your mobile device’s network connection and connect it with a working net(mobile data or Wi-Fi) connection. This process can be used on Android and iOS version of POF dating app.

If you don’t have the POF mobile app, then download it from Google Play or Apple Store.

Step 1: Open your POF mobile application and log into your POF account.

Step 2: Then Go to the profile of that particular person.

Step 3: Click on the upside-down arrow at the top-right side of the screen.

How to Block Someone on POF (Plenty of Fish) upside down arrow at pof app

Step 4: A menu will appear, tap on Block User option to block him/her.

You have successfully blocked the user from your POF mobile application.

How to Block Someone on POF Without Messaging Them

At Plenty Of Fish, you will get to know that there is no way to block someone if you don’t have any conversation(chat history) with that person. But it’s not true. You can block someone even if you don’t have any chat history with him/her. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Open your browser and log into your POF online account.

Step 2: Go to the profile of that particular POF user.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom part of the web page and click on the ‘Add to Favorites’ button.

Step 4: Now you will see a list of your favorite. Click on the ‘View MSGs’ option that is located based the profile of that person.

Step 5: Now you will see a page with a message box. Besides the message box, you will get an option named, Block User. Click on it to block that POF user.

Things to remember,
– The block POF user can view your profile after blocking him/her.
– You can still message him/her until they block you from messaging.
– The block POF user will not be able to contact and message you on POF

The Bottom Line

So, that’s what you should do if someone annoys you. That might give you realize from that particular person. It could get any reason, but if you follow the process, you can block any POF user. You can also report any POF user if you saw anything wrong on that user.

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What was your experience about Blocking someone in Plenty Of Fish? Was it easy or not?


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