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In this review, we’re going to go into the specifics of wireless gaming keyboards. This review could be very useful for many gamers because wireless gaming keyboards aren’t especially easy to find. Why is it so? Simply because gamers consider that a wired keyboard signal is more responsive than a wireless one and that’s pretty much true in most cases. Also contrarily to a mouse, the wire can’t get in the way so much, so there’s less of an urgent motive to remove it and really go wireless on the keyboard too. On a mouse, the cord can get in the way and even influence the movement of your mouse, so removing it is much higher on the gamers wish list.

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Still, though, a wireless keyboard can complete your wireless setup very well and provide the ultimate modern touch to your office desk or gaming setup. Some people also like the fact that they pick up the device to leave without crouching under their desk. Well, whatever your motive is, here are the three top wireless gaming keyboards we’ve found.

Logitech Mk550 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

The MK550 is a keyboard on which you place your hands lightly at an angle to work and game longer. This keyboard includes a mouse and is wireless, so you’re not only getting ergonomy here. Both the mouse and the wireless signal work well, and that makes a combo worth paying for. I found the wrist rest to be comfortable as well. It’s cushioned, and you certainly won’t have to buy one with this keyboard. The MK550 comes with a pretty wide range of extra buttons as well. Spread all around the keyboard, and you can use them to navigate your favorite media or zoom on your documents. The layout of the keyboard certainly looks elegant. I think it’s one of more professional-looking keyboards for the price.

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Microsoft 5050 Wireless Keyboard

This Microsoft keyboard is certainly one that the name really represents what it does. Approved by ergonomists, this keyboard has a very smooth curve that isn’t exaggerated and that will suit anyone that has been using normal keyboard for years and that are wishing to make the switch. But more importantly, Microsoft has been providing reliable for years, never pushing the limit of technology to the point of losing consistency. From the Intellimouse 3.0 to other keyboard models before this one, the company has been delivering.

Last update was in: August 9, 2017 4:41 am
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Logitech Wireless Combo Mk520

Here’s a keyboard that a serious bang for the buck. It even comes with a mouse, which is a deal I haven’t seen much of anywhere else. It’s a sleek, good-looking keyboard that can be used for all kinds of purposes, but we’re placing it into our wireless gaming keyboard top 3 because of its very attractive price and combo. If you want to game wirelessly, you can go for this combo without hesitation. Logitech also is a company that gamers trust. It’s one of the most trusted wireless solutions keyboard-wise and gamers certainly, appreciate having reliable gear.

Last update was in: August 9, 2017 4:41 am
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Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 2000

Also covered in our ergonomic keyboards top 3, this product is truly a versatile one. The angled keyboard will receive extra appreciation from all typists, and gamers will play just as well on it. The keys on it are quiet and will allow you to pull discreet sessions through the night. The wireless signal is again taken care of by a 2.4 GHz receiver that you plug in a USB port. Also, to be mentioned are the extra Windows buttons at the top, which looks very nice and can liven up your experience when you take a pause from your games.
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HP Ultrathin Wireless Keyboardoard

If you’re only willing to pay a minimal price, you will be happy with the HP Ultrathin Wireless Keyboard. It’s also our pick that’s best suited to bring on the road. Just like on the Logitech MK520, the black finish is very professional-looking and will be looking like you paid a lot more. The receiver on it can transmit the signal to up to 5 devices, and you can use this one up to 32 feet away. There’s nothing extraordinary about it, but it games very well for a minimal price.
Last update was in: August 9, 2017 4:41 am


So to wrap up this top 3, we must say that the Logitech has us the most excited as gamers. It looks beautiful, and it’s one of the most reliable models around. When gaming, you certainly don’t want your signal to drop or suddenly doubt that your gear isn’t functioning properly. The MK520 should make you feel like it’s actually wired!


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