Top 3 Plagiarism Checker Tools For Bloggers

Blogging is a profitable profession for those who can write unique content. Writing plagiarized content and expecting to get traffic is no less than building castles in the air.

Thus, you need to first create plagiarism-free content and then check it with a plagiarism checker. Having said that, finding a plagiarism checker is also hard.

To serve you in this matter, we have provided a detailed comparison of the top three plagiarism checkers.

Read the article below to get the chance to know the best plagiarism checker for blogging.

Why do you need a Plagiarism Checker Tool?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind after reading this question? Obviously, a plagiarism checker is used to check plagiarism from your content.

But that’s not the whole answer. Actually, plagiarism stands for the phenomenon of copying others’ content without acknowledging the original writer.

You need a plagiarism checker to remove the problems caused by plagiarism for your blog.

What problems can plagiarism cause to your blog?

Being a blogger your dream is to get yourself in the top position of search engine results. Obviously, you need to get great traffic to increase your business.

Getting awesome revenues out of the content you write on your blog, you can make wonderful business indeed.

Plagiarism would affect your SEO and ultimately your site ranking. Because it depends on Google how it perceives your content.

Google has clear guidelines for plagiarism. With its AI algorithms, it fetches your copied content and penalizes it if it is written to manipulate ranking.

Moreover, Google adds all copied content and selects only one for ranking. As your content is copied from someone else, you won’t get your content ranked.

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Plagiarized content is bad for your marketing because it deeply affects the way your content gets shown to your users.

Using a plagiarism checker tool you may see which part of your content is plagiarized and thus you can change it to rank your blog in search engine results.

Comparison of the top three plagiarism checker tools:

Comparison to the best three plagiarism checker tool available for Bloggers. Before getting into details, let’s move towards a brief comparison of these top three plagiarism checker tools: Check-Plagiarism EditPad
Pricing Free Freemium Free
Word Limit Free: 1000 words Free: 15,000 words
Premium: unlimited
Free: 1000 words
Multiple Checking Yes Yes-up to 5 files at a time Yes
Download Report Yes Yes Yes
Multi-lingual 14 different languages 12 different languages 13 different languages
Upload File Yes Yes Yes is a wonderful platform to get the amazing SEO tools for your website. Giving almost 3+ tools, this platform is providing first-class services for webmasters, content writers, and bloggers. plagiarism checker tool

Among other tools, its plagiarism checker is the best one and is mostly used by bloggers to check their content’s originality.

This plagiarism checker ranks in the top SERPs because most content writers prefer this tool. Nevertheless, several distinct features make this tool on top of the list.

Freemium tool:
First of all, this tool is for you even if you can’t pay minimum charges for using it. However, you can get access to some extra features with the premium packages also.

Hence, this tool is an all-rounder, covering a wide range of audiences.

Word limit:
Three types of users usually access this tool. Each type has different word count demands. For unregistered but free users, this tool provides 1000 words.

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For registered but free users, it gives a 1500 words limit. And lastly, paid users have different options ranging from 5000 to unlimited words.

Easy use:
The best thing about this tool isn’t its word count option, it’s the ease it provides while using. Users always resonate with their comfort level with this tool. That’s why they come to visit their website very often.

Content’s protection:
Content writers and bloggers remain aware of their content uniqueness. That’s why they want their content to remain safe and protected from stealth.

To cope with this need, the plagiarism checker website protects your content from theft.

Download report:
It shows an underlined plagiarized and paraphrased text plus the original sources to cite your content in need. Moreover, it has a percentage of unique, and paraphrased text.

You can even download a report of the text into your computer if needed.

Supports more than one language:
The best thing about this tool is that it gives you multi-language support. You can check the content written in English, Turkish, Spanish, and German.

As the name suggests it is a plagiarism checker that works so efficiently that most content writers use this tool. tool

Moreover, it is trusted by thousands of teachers as well as students to find plagiarism in their content.

Freemium tool:
You can use the check-plagiarism tool with free as well as paid packages. Free access definitely has less word count as compared to premium.

Word limit:
It has a mind-blowing word limit even for free users. Free users can check 10,000-15,000 words for free. Buy premium users can get unlimited access.

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As far as its security is concerned, you can remain sure of their security measures. The website neither allows stealing your content nor stores anything inside it.

Generate report:
Being the best tool, it gives you ease or detailed report generation. You can use this report to analyze your text for mistakes and plagiarized content.

Edit pad has evolved into a complete set of tools for bloggers and content writers. Being one of the best websites for editing and writing, these tools have made millions of users land on this website.

Editpad plagiarism checker

Their plagiarism checker is an outclass tool for you so you can use it any time.

Word limit:
You can check 1000 words at a time. Although its word limit is much less than the above tools, it gives fast and accurate results with the help of its algorithms.

Multilingual tool:
This tool supports 13 languages. Thus, it becomes the best tool so far in this case.

Download report:
Edit pad plagiarism checker highlights unique as well as plagiarized text and also gives percentages of them.

You can even download the plagiarism report and share it with others.

Summing up:
Since you want to rank your blog, you must get away with plagiarism. To make your content plagiarism-free, you need to use the best plagiarism checker in the market.

That’s why we have drawn a comparison of the three best plagiarism checkers. Now the verdict lies on you. Use all of them and tell us which one is the best.

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