Best Online Text Rewriting Tools That Can Help to Create Better and Unique Content

When you’re writing on the same topic multiple times, you can start to get a little repetitive with your words and sentences.

Your articles and posts can get too similar, and it can result in self-plagiarism afterward.

That is why it is necessary to keep your content fresh and unique every time you write it.

To do that, we can take the help of text rewriting tools.

Even if you don’t rely solely on these tools, they can be great if you want to learn new words and different ways to write sentences.

Let’s take a look at some of the best online text rewriting tools that you can use in 2022 to come up with better and unique content. is a great tool to use for coming up with unique content because it lets you choose how you want the changes to be affected in your content.

Articlere writer
There are three different modes that you can choose from i.e., Word Changer, Sentence Changer, and Plagiarism Remover.

The Word Changer mode will only replace certain words with synonyms. This can be useful if you are trying to give the text a new look without tampering with the context.

The Sentence Changer mode, on the other hand, will also alter the sentence structure. This will be a more drastic change than just changing the words.

It is advisable to check and fix any contextual errors that could have come around after using the Sentence Changer mode.

The Plagiarism Remover mode will, as the name says, remove plagiarism from the text.


  • Free to use
  • Three different modes
  • Integrated tools i.e., plagiarism checker, grammar check and summarizer, etc.
  • This tool also has an Android and iOS app available for mobile users
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Coming up next, we have

When it comes to performance, gave us almost the exact level of output as The words were intelligently changed, and the context was not affected.

And like, there are three different modes that you can use with

However, this website is not as generous as the previous one, and you do have to become a premium user to enjoy the Creative mode.

Paraphraser io
Another thing that we found different (and a little saddening) was that the free users were only allowed to enter 500 words at one time, whereas paid users can go with 1,000.


  • Three different modes available (Fluency, Standard, and Creative)
  • Integrated grammar and plagiarism checker
  • Multiple languages available
  • Easy to use

If the topic of our discussion was to discuss tools that worked most realistically, we would not have included this website in our list.

This sentence rephraser did not acknowledge the context of the entered content as well as the other apps.

Free article spinner
However, it did fetch some excellent synonyms and replaced specific words with them.

The diversity of the words and the newness of the synonyms were remarkable in this tool. And that is why it earned a place on this list.

If you want to use this tool for coming up with actual content, we suggest that you do it very attentively.

You should read and re-read the output text to make sure that the original context and meaning of the entered content are not changed.

While we did mention that did not work as humanly as the first three tools on this page, it is still an excellent website that can help us create new content.

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  • Quick processing
  • Option to exclude capitalized words from being paraphrased
  • Option to exclude certain words altogether
  • Free to use

SEO Tools Centre

Apart from the quick and excellent results that we got from this app, one thing we really liked was the different formats available for download after the file was converted.

As for the overall working, SEO Tools Centre was, once again, not very human-like in its functioning.

It gave us some good synonyms and sentence additions, but it did not stick to the original context a lot.

SEO Tools Centre
When we entered a sentence that read “…it works better than…”, the tool changed it to “…it really works higher than…” This was a sensical error that we spotted when testing the site.

But, this article rewriter by SEO Tools Centre is still an excellent way to get familiar with new words and synonyms.

By clicking on the changed word, you can see more suggestions, restore the original or add a new one in its place.

features of SEO Tools Centre


  • Free to use
  • HTML and TXT format downloading options
  • Integrated plagiarism checker (opens in the same window)
  • Multiple languages supported

Super SEO Plus Tools

Super SEO Plus Tools did a good job on the entered content, and it made it unique. We ran the generated text through a plagiarism checker and got a 100% unmatched result.

This tool was free to use and quick to work. One unusual little perk that we noticed on this website was the adjustable text box size.

Super SEO Plus Tools
There was no mention of how many words this tool would be able to work with.

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We decided to go big and entered more than 18,000 words.

After we clicked the button, the website loaded for some time and then gave us the “This website is not working” message.

After that, we decided to use ~2,200 words instead and we got our output easily.

So…you can use it for large pieces of text but don’t go wild.


  • Free to use
  • Quick results
  • Good synonym replacements (although a little away from the context)

Contrary to what the name might imply, can also help you rewrite your articles and blog posts.

Text reverse
The tool was easy and simple to use. The process did take time, but the results it gave out were worth it.

Rather than stuffing random synonyms in the sentences, it changed just a few words without compromising on the context.

And the best part was that when we checked the output with a plagiarism checker, it showed up as 100% unique.


  • Multiple languages support
  • Integrated plagiarism checker
  • Plagiarism-free results
  • Free to use from start to end (no payment needed)


Creating unique content can get a little difficult sometimes. But, it’s 2022, and there are a lot of online tools available that can help us with it.

In this post, we looked at some free online tools that you can use for rewriting existing content using new words.

If you are looking to use an article spinner on a regular basis, opting for one with a premium plan can be worth it… such as

On the other hand, for occasional use, free tools can be more suitable…like

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