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Are you interested in purchasing the best gaming Motherboards for your PC? One of the most important pieces of hardware for such a specialized PC is the motherboard. Some manufacturers have even specifically designed motherboards for gaming to ensure that you have the best gaming experience possible. Deciding on the perfect configuration for your computer can be a difficult task. For those who don’t have basic knowledge of what a PC should incorporate, selecting the perfect hardware can be a long process which will take out all the fun out of buying a new computer. The motherboard is one of the parts which need extra attention. Choosing the right product will help you ease into putting together the unit and will also provide options for the future. In order to assist those who don’t know how to decide what is the best motherboard is, we’ve come up with a short buying guide based on commonly asked questions. Our research focuses on hardware destined for gaming, so it is safe to say these motherboards are on top of the hardware chain.

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What are the main purposes of a motherboard?

In order to make the right purchase, customers first have to know a thing or two about the motherboard. It represents the part of the computer which holds all the other components together. Without a motherboard, a computer could not function as all other components run while connected to this structure.

Motherboards control all external data entry regardless of its origin. The HDD or SSD is also connected to the motherboard which handles all information passing through a computer. They also control auxiliary ports and USB which covers pretty much all peripheral equipment. The processor, RAM, video card and network adapter all have to fit the specifications of the motherboard in order to run properly.

Compatibility between CPUs and Motherboards

Because CPUs are among the most expensive components, many start by choosing the processor first. A processor comes with a special socket which may or may not fit a certain motherboard. Motherboards are not compatible with all processors even if some come from the same manufacturers. AMD or Intel create the most common processors. Both these brands produce hardware which will run on different sockets. Even though it might be tempting to cut back on the money spent on the motherboard we recommend you make an effort and get a newer model. AMD, for example, has the habit of making their processors incompatible with older motherboards. We recommend the ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z AM3+ AMD 990FX which will handle most of your future gaming needs.

Compatibility between RAM and motherboard

RAM is crucial for a great gaming experience. As far as the motherboard goes, make sure it is capable of supporting DDR3 or even DDR5. Also, check for limitations as some motherboards will not recognize more than a certain amount of RAM. Don’t settle for a 16GB RAM limit as things tend to escalate pretty fast when it comes to RAM requirements. We recommend the Gigabyte LGA 1151 Intel Motherboard GA-Z170X-Gaming G1.

Do the best gaming motherboards need special computer cases?

A gaming motherboard should be fitted on a gaming computer case. These motherboards have a lot of room for extra hardware and space is of the essence. Don’t worry too much though as size is not an issue. Manufacturers provide standardized shapes and sizes to fit several layouts.

Best Gaming Motherboards of 2017 for i7

As with most computer configurations, the gaming motherboard is right up there with the processor and the graphics card. A great motherboard will allow you to constantly improve your computer which is a must if you are a hardcore gamer. Even so, your knowledge about hardware might not be advanced enough to allow you to make the right decision when buying such a component. Fortunately, our experts have taken the time to test a series of the best motherboards in order to help narrow things down. After intense debate, they’ve come up with five distinct products which are suited for both gamers and regular users.

Are you looking to build a top gaming PC with an Intel i7 processor at its core? Don’t you know which motherboard to choose? The market does offer quite a few solutions to your dilemma, but if you want to get the best gaming motherboard for the money you should consider some basic aspects. The model must have a compatible socket, a chipset, multiple high-resolution video outputs and the possibility of overclocking.

A motherboard is the heart of any computer. They control the entire computer process. This is where everything takes place. Without the motherboard, the computer would not function at all. Just like the human body, the motherboard is the functioning center of the computer. For gamers, one of the most important aspects of the computer is the motherboard which is why you often see gamers shopping for motherboards. And in order to get the best gaming motherboard, you will need to find the best gaming motherboard reviews so that you will have the knowledge of which has the best specifications and compatibility for your computer.

Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming G1 Motherboard

Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming G1 Intel motherboard is one of the top gaming motherboards. It comes with LGA 1151 socket, Intel Z170 chipset, extended ATX that is compatible with Intel Core i7. While others are competing for the top spot, the Gigabyte GA-Z170X has already rushed to become one of the top motherboards with its key features. The Gigabyte GA-Z170X utilizes Auto Voltage Compensation in order to provide a steady flow of power to your system. It supports 6th Generation Intel CPUs and has a high-quality audio for that’s amazing surround sound quality. By having the support and features, the Gigabyte GA-Z170X can deliver what other high-end motherboards cannot hence make it one of the world’s best.

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ASRock X99 EXTREME4 Gaming Motherboard

The next time you are in need of a good motherboard for gaming, you ought to know what the ASRock X99 EXTREME4 can actually do. The ASRock X99 EXTREME4 runs efficiently with CPU core i7 allowing the machine to effectively use power during the intense workload. It also has CCR or Combo Cooler Retention Module that improves heat dissipation and is also compatible with other versions of AMD. The AMD Quad CrossFireX Technology feature allows multiple graphics cards to be used in a single computer to improve the performance of the computer. So for those who are asking what is a good motherboard for gaming? The answer is the ASRock X99 EXTREME4 Gaming Motherboard.

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MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Motherboard

Some motherboards have unique features while others have features that excel when it comes to performance and that is the MSI Gaming Pro Motherboard. It is able to support 6th generation Intel Core i7, i3, i5, Pentium, and Celeron processors. With an Intel Z170A Chipset, the MSI Gaming Pro Motherboard has a memory speed support up to 2133 MHz on any 6th generation Intel Core processor. This motherboard also supports dual-display function making it into the top rated gaming motherboards reviews. This motherboard delivers on what is promised to its consumers; no wonder it is considered the best in the market.

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This motherboard is built to last. It allows multiple upgrades especially when it comes to the graphics card. It supports the latest in Intel processors including the i7 which is their fastest unit ever built. The incredible stability provided by this piece of hardware is provided by the ASUS Digi+ IV technology which regulates power levels. If you have hardware which allows overclocking, this is the motherboard to buy. The GPU boost can be activated with an onboard switch which when combined with an SSD will increase the speed of your computer by an amazing 20%. Last but not least, this motherboard will protect all other hardware in case of high voltage surges.

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If you are trying to find a professional motherboard for your gaming computer which will have the capability to play the modern game without restrictions, then you have the possibility to use one of the best gaming motherboards that are the ASRock FATAL1TY PROFESSIONAL, a model designed to meet your gaming needs. This advanced motherboard comes with I/O jacks and can support with ease Premium Blu-ray audio. The device includes 10x SATA3 ports, support RAID 0/1/0+1/5/ JBOD and also 3x SATA Express ports that permit you to set out enhanced connectivity with other devices.

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ASUS Crosshair V Formula Gaming Motherboard

The ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z is a powerful combination of analog and digital design with its Extreme Engine Digi+ II. The Supreme FX III allows real cinematic sound and lets you enjoy the game with complete lag-free graphics. The ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z has an Instant OS Login feature that shortens boot time and has Multi-Startup options for personalization of your computer so that you can customize the booting process of your computer. So, for those who are looking for the best gaming motherboard available in the market today, the ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z should satisfy your need for a realistic experience with your games.

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Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Gaming Motherboard

If you are searching for a good motherboard that can run in the toughest conditions, then the Gigabyte LGA 1155 Intel B75 is the right one for you. The Gigabyte LGA 1155 Intel B75 is able to support different types of processors including Intel Core i7, i5, i3, Pentium, and Celeron. It has a built-in chipset mare specifically the Intel B75 Express Chipset. It can also support 4×1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets of up to 32 GB memory. This motherboard allows users especially gamers to play games rich in graphics without experiencing any drop of fps or any mediocre processes. This makes the Gigabyte LGA 1155 Intel B75 included on the best LGA 1155 motherboard reviews.

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MSI Computer Corp. Gaming Motherboard

If you are looking for the best gaming motherboard, you should direct your attention towards the ATX Z87-G45. This is MSI’s most efficient gaming motherboard ever produced. It is packed with all the necessary parts and abilities to keep you going for at least five years from now. It supports up to 32GB or RAM and has 6 SATA 3 ports. It has one of the fastest Ethernet adaptors in the world and 8 USB ports. It also incorporates features like the OC Genie 4, Audio Boost, Sound Blaster and the dedicated gaming ports which enhance gaming speeds.

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Intel Gaming Motherboard

Best gaming motherboards for the moneyLooking for motherboards that are compatible with your computer can be a difficult task. You need to have the right specifications so that the system will not reject the hardware. Fortunately, you have the Intel BOXDP67BGB3. The Intel BOXDP67BGB3 is designed to bring the best in your computer. Games and other applications run smoothly with the Intel P67 Express Chipset along with an Intel 82P67 Platform Controller Hub. Experience high definition audio with the Intel HD Audio system and immerse yourself with great audio and graphics. It supports ATI Crossfire and NVIDIA SLI technologies with the latest in connectivity with SuperSpeed USB 3.0. The Intel BOXDP67BGB3 is definitely one of the best gaming motherboards.

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AS Rock Z77 EXTREME4 Gaming Motherboard

Those who are in search of a good motherboard for gaming will realize that the Z77 Extreme4 is one of the best in the world. The features allow it to be a notch higher than its competitors in the market today. The Z77 Extreme4 supports 2nd and 3rd generation Intel Core processors. It features HyperFormance which improves the game responsiveness as well as other applications. When it comes to playing games, the Z77 Extreme4 removes redundant tasks that lag your graphics pipeline. With its powerful features, it is no wonder why the Z77 Extreme4 is fast becoming the best on the top rated gaming motherboards reviews.

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The Final Word

Games, nowadays, usually need to have high-end computers. This is why there is a higher demand for graphics cards and processors as well as motherboards that can run these types of games. With that in mind, more and more people are interested in buying processors and other hardware that will boost their computer. This is why people are seeking the best gaming motherboards. Generally, people would want to purchase pieces of hardware rather than replace the entire computer with a new one. This way, they get to save money and still be able to play the games that they like.


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