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The best gaming headset is one of the most important factors when it comes to playing games on your PC. Gaming Headsets come in many different colors, designs, brands, and features.

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When it comes to getting the greatest playing experience, you need to have the best gaming headset. We help you to find out and give you some brief information about the best gaming headsets on the market. This article will give you all the information to look for in a PC gaming headset.

What You Should Look For Before Choosing Gaming Headset

There are a few things you should consider before buying your perfect PC gaming headset.
In the world of professional gaming, playing a game in front of a huge noisy crowd, you definitely need a pro gaming headset that is able to block all unnecessary noises in your headphones and microphones equally well. You must not use an ordinary headset with a microphone attached that picks up noises from the spectators so that you’ll be able to relay important information to your teammates clearly. These are the most important attributes of a headset for PC gaming for professional gamers combined with great sounds and comfort.

What Is The Best Gaming Headset?

We highly recommend the ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset as our best gaming headset. This brand is becoming the brand to beat in the PC gaming headset industry.

Gamers know that getting by without a great gaming headset can be quite hard. Nowadays, it is all about communities, online play, and high fidelity audio experiences. For some, a great headset is just as important as any other part of your computer. That says a lot considering how massive of an impact graphics have on the general public.

To help you make the most out of every game, we’ve decided to make a list of things to look for in a pair of headphones. It is based on the most common questions readers have sent to use over time. Hopefully, after reading this buying guide, you will be able to make up your mind a whole lot easier.

What is positional audio?

Positional audio allows you to experience even the most subtle of sounds. It is a key feature for most of the best gaming headsets. It basically sends sounds from different places so as to make you feel like you are right there inside the game. This comes in very helpful with games in which you need always to be aware of your surroundings. It is a feature that comes in very handy especially for shooter enthusiasts.

What difference does it make if I get either surround sound or stereo?

Surround sound is destined to help you hear things in two different places at the same time. In order to come with such a feature, the headset should have multiple speakers which cost more. If you don’t like shooters and you prefer sports or strategy, stereo is just as good of a choice as surround sound.

How important are the microphones?

All current games now offer the chance to communicate directly through the internet. Typing is no longer necessary as it interfered with the actual gameplay. Even if a microphone is just a microphone, you should consider a device with noise cancellation. It will clear up the channels and make the conversation similar to that of a normal phone call.

Should you spend money additional features?

Force feedback uses the same principles as a basic joystick. Whenever something noticeable happens, things start to vibrate, buzz or pulsate. It will increase the price of the headset. Comfort is also a feature worth investing in. There is no point in being cheap especially when you plan on using the headset for hours and hours. Last but not least, get a set of headphones with crystal clear audios. Don’t compromise as it can become quite annoying in time to hear all sorts of things like distortion and other similar sounds.

Should gaming headset be wireless or wired?

It all depends on what type of gamer you really are. Consider the time spent on your computer and also consider what types of game you love playing. If you are into long hours of gameplay or heavy-duty online communities, we recommend a wired headset.

What Pro Gamers Recommend

Being a pro gamer is more than just about winning. It is about the complete experience which offers you hours of fun, through top end gear. The sound is very important regardless of the game you love playing. It helps you concentrate and it gives you an important advantage over those who lack a pair of quality headphones. It also helps you communicate better with teammates if the situation requires it. Choosing the right headset could be difficult considering audio knowledge is not always a gamer’s strong point. Our experts have decided to help by making a list of five excellent products which all have great features to enhance the overall feel of any game.

ASTRO Gaming Wireless Headset

The Astro A50 is a silver award winner in Top Ten REVIEWS. Astro Gaming is persistent in providing good feedbacks bringing them excellence that really paid off very well. Astro A50 uses a 3.5mm dual jack connector which is compatible with a majority of any other audio devices. It also has a 6.3mm adapter that makes it compatible with most home theaters and other audio gadgets and equipment.

The Astro A50 PC gaming headset also has a built-in mute and volume control for added convenience while playing a game, so you don’t have to pause your game just to adjust the volume of your in-game sounds. The last feature of the Astro A50 PC gaming headset is that it has a carrying case for your headset so that you won’t be able to accidentally damage it whenever you travel.

Astro A50 has its own volume wheel so that you can adjust its volume with ease and without interference in the signal of the audio as you adjust the volume. Sometimes it requires a little more adjusting, but if you do it more often, the more you’ll quickly get into a volume that’s comfortable for you.

The Astro A50 produces CD-quality resolution by means of KleerNet processing via wireless DSP (digital signal processing). The A50 has the perfect ear cup that eliminates the outside noise completely, plus it also helps produce a rich, full audio and perfect bass sounds.

This gaming headset for PC outputs an excellent stereo sound, especially in games. It has a sound field that is broad enough to accommodate surround sound.

The A40 and A30 models come with the MixAmp option that completely allows you to use PlayStation, Xbox, and any other consoles used for gaming. However, the A50 model has a transmitter that lets you hook the headset into a gaming console or PC to channel the sound to the gaming headphone. MixAmp also works great on mobile phones like Android and iPhones. The only downside to this is that MixAmp is not free; but if you would like to use the A30 and A40 models, you’ll probably be just fine without MixAmp.

The A40 and A50 models both uses surround sound except for the A30 because of its small driver which is not capable of giving a good quality surround sound. The ear cups of A30 is small, not unlike the A40 and A50 which is capable of accommodating your whole ear which doesn’t let the outside noise penetrate inside the ear cups. Both A30 and A40 have a detachable microphone, but the mic of the A50 model is permanent and is the only wireless gaming headset.

The design of the Astro A50 model gaming headset is built to provide comfort to the gamer. It consists of well-designed ear couplings and headband that gives the gamers a comfortable feeling whenever they are using it. Its headband gives 3 newtons of pressure on your head, and the thickly padded ear couplings help to give comfort to the ears as well as disperse the pressure of the headband. The design aims to give comfort to the gamer but its real purpose is to dramatically reduce the noise coming from the gamer’s surroundings.

Astro50 has a typical 3.5mm dual analog cord for the microphone and earphones. The length of the cable used in this gaming headset is about 6 feet long. One unique design of this headset is that it has a 1-foot quick release extension cable. The Astro A50 gaming headset also has a microphone detach system so that you can use its microphone on either side of the headphone or you can even totally remove it if you don’t want to use it.

The Astro A40 has a support and help option that is available for anyone who encounters any problems with the PC gaming headset unit. Knowledge base and FAQs sections are also available on the Astro website. You may also file a ticket if you want to have a personal interaction with the technical support team. A user’s manual for Astro A50 PC gaming headset is also available for download if anything becomes unclear to you upon its usage or if you want to know more about how to use the Astro A50 PC gaming headset.

You can even call Astro Gaming during business hours as well. All you have to do now is to choose your preference on how you particularly want their technical support team to assist you with your issues or if so problems arise.

The Astro A50 PC gaming headset also comes with the usual one-year service warranty to cover any factory defects the unit may have. One year warranty is more than enough to assure you when purchasing the Astro A50 PC gaming headset. Once you own a unit, though you will never really need any warranty to ensure you because of its top quality.

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Last update was in: November 27, 2017 1:55 am
Last update was in: November 27, 2017 1:55 am

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z Seven Headset

When it comes to the best PC gaming headsets, Turtle Beach Ear Force Z Seven is quickly becoming a brand to beat. One particular name of their gaming headsets is Turtle Beach Ear Force Z Seven, which was named as the official headset of MLG (Major League Gaming) for a bunch of very good reasons.

This headphone may not be the easiest to adjust to create a perfect balance, but it is well worth the effort to get them into your gaming mode.

The Turtle Beach PC gaming headsets have been one of the industry leaders in the world of gaming headsets, but they have upgraded their game even more in the Seven Series. Turtle Beach offers the best PC gaming headset on the market today.

The Turtle Beach Z Seven has its own separate USB channels for Mac and PC which lets you control the game sound levels individually. It also includes a removable, flexible microphone for ease of use.

The Turtle Beach Z Seven PC gaming headset also comes with splitter cables so that you can use regular speakers connected to the headset. The USB port is also one of its important features as it can be powered by means of a USB port. It would be a huge problem if you do not have one of these features for your headset.

The eight-speaker system of the Turtle Beach Ear Force Seven is capable of giving the user a 5.1 surround sound. It is set up in a traditional manner and is powered by 50mm drivers. It has front, surround, center and subwoofer channel speakers for very good customer listening satisfaction.

The audio control unit (ACU) of the Turtle Beach Z Seven allows you to perform various standard functions like microphone muting and volume adjusts system. The ACU of the Turtle Beach Z Seven does a lot more than its ordinary functions. It also allows you to configure the surround sound which makes a perfect balance in the sounds and makes you feel the realism of the distortion-free sounds coming from all directions.

You can also widen or narrow the sound field so you can isolate the sounds that are difficult to hear. Optionally, you may also adjust the sound angles of the unit for better surround sound.

You can increase the sound volume of your game buddy in proportion to your game sounds. You can also adjust the 5 different chat settings, automatic dynamic boost, 8-audio presets in order to equalize the sound for added realism.

The Turtle Beach Z Seven also comes with an advanced sound editor software that allows you to edit or create your very own personal presets. You can download specific presets online or create your own preset for the sounds of your favorite PC games.

The Turtle Beach Z Seven comes with a lot of varying attachments and connectors. Thus it is highly recommended that give yourself ample time to go over and understand the function of each attachment included so that you can enjoy a one of a kind audio experience.

The ear cups of Turtle Beach Z Seven are lined with soft leather and cushioned with memory foam that shapes accordingly to your head for additional comfort. Its ear cups are also adjustable in almost any direction you want it to be. Its snug fit also plays a very special role in blocking off unwanted noise, and that’s why Turtle Beach Z Seven PC gaming headset is capable of bringing you more undisturbed realistic sounds you’ll never forget when gaming.

The Turtle Beach Z Seven also has an amplifier dedicated to manually adjust the volume of each speaker in your surround sound gaming headset. Stereo mode is also available for mp3 players, smartphone devices, and mobile phones.

There is also another Turtle Beach Seven Series unit called the Ear Force XP Seven. It also has the same features as Turtle Beach Z Seven except that it is more geared towards the gamers. If you prefer console gaming like PC gaming, the XP unit is a much better gaming headset for you. It has an SCI (Separate Control Interface) XBOX 360 talkback cable and an optical cable for better functions. (The XBOX 360 talkback cable is necessary for chatting on Xbox LIVE.) The Turtle Beach Z Seven model includes an adapter for PC speakers, which is not typically included in the XP model.

One year warranty is also included in a Turtle Beach Z Seven after you purchase it. It covers all manufacturer or factory defect issues the unit may have, though it doesn’t mean that it has or will have one. The Turtle Beach Z Seven also have FAQ page and knowledge base that you can browse for more info on their website.
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Sennheiser PC 330 GAME Headset

The Sennheiser PC 330 is one of Sennheiser Company’s best PC gaming headset products. It is a version of the PC 360 headset but less expensive. The PC 330 headset adapted many of the capability and design features of PC 360 then simplified them to provide a high-quality product for a much lower price. The Sennheiser Electronic Corporation has been in the business of gaming headsets for more than fifty years. They design and manufacture a variety of other types of audio equipment.

Both the Sennheiser PC 330 and PC 360 models deliver superior stereo sound. The PC series also now include the PC 363D, which is best for hardcore gamers who yearn for some of the latest features in gaming audio (like 7.1 virtual surround sound).

The Sennheiser PC 330 maintains many features that especially appeal to gamers like headphone intuitive controls and the ability to raise the mic arm in order to mute chat. These features, along with its superb speaker output mid tones, make the Sennheiser PC 330 our Bronze Awardee for Top Ten REVIEWS’ best PC gaming headsets. All in all, this headset, as well as the other models in the PC series, covered all of the areas we are seeking.

The Sennheiser PC 330 uses 3.5mm connectors. Thus, it means you can also use it with any mobile device that also utilizes 3.5mm sized connectors. This includes virtually anything from MP3 music players to full-sized media gadgets like tablets. The cable’s length is about 10feet, leaving you ample room to plug this headset into the ports at the back of your computer. Additionally, it comes with a convenient carrying case so you can easily carry this powerful secret device to LAN parties.

The Sennheiser PC 330 gaming headset has a stereo output to add an audible component to the viewable game you’re playing. The human ear can hear sound frequencies ranging from about 20 – 20,000Hz, but the PC 330 declares that it also dips into the ultrasonic and subsonic frequencies. (Ultrasonic and subsonic frequencies exceed beyond the 20 – 20,000Hz range.) The Sennheiser PC 330 gaming headset can drop down to a 15Hz subsonic frequency, at the same time reach up to 28,000Hz in the ultrasonic level. The reason why PC 330 has extended its frequency standard is that some ranges may not be heard by everyone by ear but it can be felt.

Although the headset’s mid-levels are superb and its highs are good, the bass is somewhat on the weak side. Maybe we have too high expectations from the Sennheiser PC 330 but unfortunately, the additional range it offers doesn’t actually make the sound any better. The headset allows effective communication with your fellow gamers, but it is far from perfect. The mid tones are precise as well as clear, but the lows are a little weak. The highs, too, are fine, but more improvement out of these gaming headphones could still be added.

As with the PC 363D, it has a few improvements in terms of overall sound as its surround sound is clearer, crisper, and deeper in all aspects. Of course, you’ll have to pay a little bit more for a PC 363D model yet serious gamers, sure enough, would be more than willing to consider it. For a more economical option, just choose the PC 330.

The design of the Sennheiser PC 330 is closed-type and is somewhere between supra-aural and circumaural. With the gamers in mind, Sennheiser PC 330’s volume control is carefully positioned on the right earcup instead of being integrated into the cable. This earcup placement offers a simpler alternative to making the finding the controls a lot more intuitive. On the other hand, the cups are not big enough to completely fit around the ears and the cable controls can be bothersome to find without having to look away from whatever you’re doing.

The mic of the Sennheiser PC 330 can be muted by simply switching up the mic arm. Still, this could use both hands because the mic arm could be too tough to operate with just one hand. Thus in the middle of an exciting fight, unfortunately, it appears to be that it’s impossible to use it. Additionally, the Sennheiser PC 330’s right ear cup rotates out of the way so you can hear the sounds around you but this also requires both hands to operate. If you need to hear what the person beside you is saying, it would be much easier just to slide off the whole right cup just like you would with other PC gaming headsets. It would also be better if the headband were more adjustable for people with bigger heads.

The maker of PC 330, Sennheiser, is among the PC gaming headset companies we have reviewed offering more than the usual one-year warranty. They go the extra mile with their double year warranty just to assure you that you are covered from any delayed mechanical defects that may possibly crop up in the future. For technical support, Sennheiser offers lots of content online you can refer to which includes FAQs plus the option to email or call their tech team. They will be happy and very welcoming enough to assist you.
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Sennheiser PC 360 Headset for Pro Gaming

This is the perfect headset for those who love competing all over the world. It provides incredible noise cancellation levels and prevents ambient noise from interfering with your dialog. The volume controls are smartly placed on the ear cup and offer easy access. These headphones have a nice open design and deliver Hi-Fi sound for an amazingly realistic experience. What is even more important is the fact that these are some of the most comfortable headphones you will come across. This is why most consider them as being among the top gaming headsets, despite being a bit more expensive than other models with similar specs.

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SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-Size Gaming Headset

These are the headphones to get if you not only care about sound quality but you also care about looks. These closed ear headphones come with a pull-out mic fitted with active noise canceling technology. They also provide clear audio for both mid and high tones. Their design is not only great to look at but also very comfortable. These headphones are lightweight and also very durable. They come with a volume control button placed on the cord. The V2 are compatible with normal PCs and with Macs. They are affordable despite being delivered with programmable frost blue illumination among many other features.

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Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

Logitech is known for having some of the best devices on the market. Their wireless gaming headset is considered as being one of the best gaming headsets. Even though incredibly affordable, this pair of headphones comes with a 40 ft wireless range and absolutely no lag which can sometimes appear with wireless devices. It provides a 7.1 surround sound experience through its Advanced Dolby technology. It even has programmable buttons which can come in really handy when dealing with fast-paced games which require constant communication. It also incorporates noise canceling technology and can be muted by simply rotating the mic upwards.

Logitech G35 Gaming Headset

This headset comes with 7.1 surround sound provided by Dolby technology. You will get a certain richness matched by no other pair of headphones. You will hear all the audio details in any game. This comes in very handy with shooters. The G35 offer you the possibility to swap headband pads in order to get the ones which feel most comfortable. The left headphone comes with a set of keys destined to modify the volume, mute the microphone or adjust the surround sound settings. These headphones also have a microphone which uses noise canceling technology and reduces background noise.

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SteelSeries Siberia v2 Gaming Headset

Most experts say that this is the best gaming headset. The Siberia V2 has a unique quality to them. They provide crystal clear sounds and allow you to catch even the quietest of details. The materials used to build this headset are very durable and lightweight which means you will not be bothered after using the V2’s for a longer period of time. This headset comes with easy access volume control placed on the cord. The pull-out microphone is hidden while in the upright position. This will allow you to take your headphones out in order to listen to music on your smartphone or player.

What to Consider When Buying A Top Gaming Headset

Listed here are a couple of details to look at when finding the best gaming headset:
1. Price
2. Quality
3. Magnet Type
4. Headset pot and size
5. Developed quality

About investing in a new pair of headphones when thinking you need to know about the distinct types of headphones on the market.

Closed headphones are those excellent old standbys which you remember from your childhood. They were previously clunky, massive, and hefty but as moment moved by they’ve improved tremendously. They’re brighter and have a lot more support within the earcups to make them extra comfy.They also are in blocking noise out of your environment far better and that means you’ll be capable of getting pleasure from and hear your music clearer. Plus a lot of people enjoy it mainly because the person riding next to you around shuttle or the plane can not notice what you’re listening too.

The form that is next is open-air headphones. The closed gaming headsets are not perhaps lighter than them and can nonetheless produce marvelous top quality audio. The only element is that noise wo n’t be blocked by them. Plus anybody sitting in your area may notice your audio or anything you happen to be playing at the time. They are fairly fast to interrupt in the event and are likewise not particularly sturdy you are regardless.

The final sort is canal headphones. These would be the smallest type of headphones and so are generally utilized by skilled musicians. These fit appropriate into your ear canal and seal your ears off consequently no background noise could possibly get in. Which is why skilled musicians utilize them is indeed they can hear themselves enjoying in the place of every individual around them.

You will find a lot of varieties of headphones on the market today. You can not think that all of the headsets will be the same. Every headset constructed with diverse products and technologies. Consequently, discover critique in regards to the headphones as an example at Best Headset Review website. Reputable testimonials by the advantages only.

To summarize, the very best headphones allow every single depth to be heard by fans. Strings, each noise, bass, a whole lot and drums more. Find your greatest headphone today!

Buying Advice for Gaming Headsets

Purchasing the most beneficial headset collection is one of the best amazing times of existence. There are several types of headphones to the shop today. I will show you about the best gaming headset review. All these headphones contain sound-quality and its feature. The top headset offers a premium quality audio, quality cords, and superior soundstage. Before you hear using the headset that is best, you’ll never imagine your ears. I am just recently evaluated various types of headphones, by looking over this report, thus learn more.

With firms, for example, Koss, JVC, AKG as well as more, you understand that you will be planning to get the supreme quality out there when you want to get a pair of noise-reducing headphones. Nonetheless, there are goods and lots of makes on the market, in all different price (some with all different functions ranges too. Can be a person to know with them excellent, which headphones can go well?

First, you must check it out at a different retailer. This method does provide the evident characteristic to be able to have a closer go through the product, albeit usually just in a container, and communicate with a salesperson, who may or may not recognize anything at all about that are the most effective headphones anyway.

Then, if you should be nevertheless not delighted, read critiques from online reviews website. Having the ability to listen to from consumers who’ve actually used on and sensed the headphones, together with paid attention to and become confident with different packages of several of the most appropriate headphones to the industry is a swift means of getting a great knowledge where headset may best match you. Opinions will have the ability to inform you which set had the very best noise-canceling result, no matter the fee. You had the life involving the kind that is instant or will discover which match was the best relaxed. You will not be unable to surf about charges observe which suit your budget. No real matter what you want, critiques that are online are sure in obtaining the most appropriate headphones for you personally right now that will help you.


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