The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Getting Start on SEO

If there is very little or no traffic to your website, you have not invested in SEO. According to recent data, there are around 133,361,676 US websites, and every website wants to reach the top position for target keywords. However, it is not possible without implementing the right SEO strategies.

If you have never invested in SEO, you should hire an seo company vancouver wa, and get started on SEO. Here are some things that your SEO partner will do to optimize your website and reach the target audience.

Research Keywords

As per recent data, the estimated population of Vancouver is around 184,463. If you want to reach Vancouver residents, you need to know the keywords they use. Keywords refer to search terms used by your target audience when searching for products and services on the internet.

Suppose you own a plumbing business in Vancouver; the keywords you need to use in your content are plumbing services, plumbers, plumbing experts, and many more. The SEO company in Vancouver, WA, will research keywords with high search volume and create content accordingly.

Create Unique and Accurate Page Titles

As per recent data, 93.3% of Vancouver households have a computer, and 87.5% have a broadband internet connection. It means your target audience is more likely to use the search engine to reach your business. SEO experts know the importance of unique and accurate page titles in SEO. The <title> element tells the search engine bots what the topic of a particular page is.

When your website appears in search results, the content of the <title> element appears as a description of the page. The user reads the description to determine if the page might be helpful or not.

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Use Meta Description Tags

As per recent data, Vancouver has around 14,222 business establishments, and most local businesses in your niche target the same audience in Vancouver neighborhoods. Hence, you need to implement the right SEO strategies to cut through the competition.

Meta description gives the search engines summary of the webpage. When the search engine bots index the summary, they can determine what information the page contains. A meta description tag can be a one or two sentences description or a short paragraph placed in the <head> element of the webpage.

Add Structured Data Markup

As per recent data, there are around 72,508 households in Vancouver, and persons per household are 2.82%. The data also mentions the median income of Vancouver households is around $61,714.

Structured data refers to the code added to the page to describe the content for the search engines. Google understands this information to display your content helpfully in search results. The result is more potential customers are attracted to click the link and visit your website.

Create Simple Navigation

As per recent statistics, 94% of consumers mention the website should be easy to navigate. If you ignore this aspect, most users will likely abandon your website and jump to a competitor’s website. When you hire an SEO agency, it will create simple navigation to ensure visitors can quickly find the information they are looking for.

Optimize Your Content

An SEO company will make your website attractive and valuable for your target audience. Besides offering high-quality content, it will also offer helpful information through blog posts, emails, forums, social media communities, and other means to build a trusting relationship with your target audience.

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To sum up, if you are serious about seeing your website at the top position on the search engine results page, you need to follow the tips and guidelines given in the SEO starter guide.

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