B2B SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips to Outrank Your Competitors

Running a B2B business is never easy, especially if you’re looking to attract more customers and make more money by outranking your competitors. However, with the increasing popularity of search engine optimization (SEO) as an effective digital marketing strategy, your business can drive more traffic to your website and gain more leads. Yet because of the stiff competition in the digital landscape, you need engaging and relevant content for your website to boost your search engine rankings and get the leads you need. This is where SEO content writing enters the picture. It is a process of writing high-quality content that is better and more valuable than your competitors.

Luckily, this is a completely revolutionary time in SEO copywriting for B2B. There are new introductions and new rules. You may hire a reputable B2B SEO agency for assistance if you think professionals should handle your SEO content writing strategy. They can help you build an optimized content marketing campaign to enhance organic traffic. However, if you continue to write texts based on recipes from 2010, and want to handle the campaign by yourself, it’s time to refresh your knowledge a little.

The following are the B2B SEO-friendly content writing tips to outrank your competitors:

Create Relevant Texts

Search engines try very hard to recognize the subject of the content. Don’t confuse them. The text on the page must match the query that the user enters into the search bar. This is the main rule of modern LSI copywriting. If you have a lot of products or services, it is better to dedicate separate thematic pages. Of course, with corresponding key phrases to them.

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Long Text Is Good

In SEO friendly content writing, voluminous expert texts are very important today.

They have several advantages:

  • cover the topic better (if there is no water, of course);
  • allow to explain in detail not always obvious characteristics;
  • accommodate more relevant and synonymous LSI queries.

In the long text, you can distinguish between the goods and services of the company.

Long text is better perceived by search engines. It is easier for them to assess the thematic focus and depth of information on the page. Do not forget to structure lengthy texts using headings of level H1 H2 – H3. Add key phrases and frame them with appropriate tags.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is a good strategy. With its help, bots find other pages of your site. Also, they generally stay on the site for a long time, jumping between linked links.

Besides, linking allows you to boost online presence of a visitor. The user follows the links in the article and finds all the new information.

Some information may seem even more important than the one for which it came.

As a result: that guarantees an increase in social cues and an increase in behavioral factors. And this is the right way to the TOP of search results.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Low Technical Uniqueness

If you wrote a text without copying other sources that means it has a high semantic uniqueness. This is much more important than technical uniqueness.

Not a single serious platform today adjusts the text to the cherished 100% uniqueness.

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And all because a unique text today is quite ugly. Good authors write as they write. And due to their interestingness and high semantic uniqueness, they enter the TOP.

Keywords In ALT As An Alternative To H1

Writing an attention-grabbing headline with a keyword phrase is not easy. Even for strong copywriters. Do not despair! There are other ways to attract search engine attention to your page. Even if your title does not contain keywords.

Sometimes the decoration is an appropriate header as an image. Then, using the “ALT” attribute, write keywords in the alternative text for images. Place the “normal” heading somewhere else on the page and highlight it with the H1 tag.

The visitor of the site will get a good impression from the visual design of the title. The search engine will get a correct assessment of the subject of the b2b articles and the relevance of the page.

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Sign Images In B2B Texts

Image captions open up a ton of possibilities for using more keywords in the body of your page. Many products do not need unnecessary descriptions, this is a fact.

Add keys (according to the topic of a particular page). In “correct” B2B writing, image captions are good as an extra opportunity to sell a product and influence search results.

Add Alt Tags

Alt meta text is a valuable SEO tool in B2B content writing, although it doesn’t appear on the page. Check if you have assigned Alt tags for images.

If the same picture appears on the site more than once, make sure that the ALT text is different in each case. Also, make sure the caption is different.

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It often happens that an image with the same Alt tag text appears on different pages of the site. The webmaster copies the picture “transferring” the original version of the tags with it.

Remember: if you use the same image many times, the alternative text for it must contain relevant keywords. They have to correspond to the topic of a particular page and the keys by which you are promoting this page.

LSI Copywriting Rules

In general, be careful about the information on writing SEO texts today. The reason is that many introductory ones arrived long ago. The web is full of information that was relevant a few years ago, but today is either harmful or useless.

Spamming of text, uniqueness, 5 keys per 1000 characters, etc. no longer work. New algorithms for hidden semantic indexing replaced the heresies of ancient SEO copywriting. It is on them that you can navigate today.


Typically, SEO content writing plays a crucial role in getting your B2B website to rank high in the search engine results. Hence, if your business experiences some SEO technical errors and low organic traffic results, remember the tips mentioned here. That way, you’ll know how to get the most out of SEO content writing to stay ahead of your competitors and make your business more successful in the digital world.

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