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LAZER 84 Font Free Download

LAZER 84 Font Free Download


Do you need LAZER Fonts free? LAZER 84 Font is one of the best fonts on the web. The Lazer 84 Fonts is designed by the expert art director, Juan Hodgson, which is here free to ...

Best Black Friday Deals 2017 (Up To 99% OFF)

Best Black Friday Deals 2017 (Up To 99% OFF)


Shop all amazing products from your trusted online store and save up to 99% money on Black Friday 2017. We gathered all the best deals from popular online store on this Black ...

Best Slow Cookers 2018 | Rating & Review

Best Slow Cookers 2018 | Rating & Review


Slow Cookers are fast becoming an essential kitchen appliance in most homes. This is especially true during the winter months when delicious tender slow-cooked meat is ideal for ...



Best LED Desk Lamp 2018

Best LED Desk Lamp 2018


Looking for the best LED desk lamp? Look no further. Here you will find the biggest discount offer as well as a top review of the best LED desk lamps on the market. Feel free to ...

Best Baby Car Seats 2018 | Reviews & Ratings

Best Baby Car Seats 2018 | Reviews & Ratings


Getting a baby car seat? We have done the research so you do not have to! Read our complete reviews and tips on how to choose the best baby car seat. Baby Car Seat A baby’s life ...

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    You can’t use your deactivated account’s email. A old facebook account’s email only usable when you delete the previous account, not deactivated. If facebook disabled your account, you can’t use that email again.


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    You must be administrator of that page. If you’re not, you can only report to Facebook.

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    Actually facebook destroy the quality. So I think there is no option. 🙁

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    Hey, code does not contain any name. I checked it. Thank you!

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    Its my pleasure! 🙂

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    Hey Amanda,
    Just Follow this part “Remove Microsoft Account on Windows 10 Locally”. It will remove your Microsoft from windows 10. Don’t follow this part “Completely Delete Microsoft Account From Microsoft Webpage”, it will delete your account.


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    Yeah, You should copy the whole. Just press ctrl+A and then ctrl+c

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    Yeah its working. Thanks buddy!

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    Hey Gail DiBernardo, I am sorry for the problem. I made an update after your comment. Please check the article again. Now everything OK. Hope you can download facebook video easily.

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    Hey Angela, you can find the console here

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    Welcome bro

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    Glad to know that it works for you. Thank you

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    An update is made just now after your comment.
    Just right click on the video and select save link as.
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