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The full form of AT&T is American Telephone and Telegraph Company. This name gives us some hint about the purpose of their action. AT&T is an America based multinational company that primarily works for telecommunications. It’s a big giant company at mass media industry. They are quite established at the mobile telephone services.


Now they have become second largest company at providing mobile telephone services all around the United States. They are also giving subscription-based TV service through Broadband. The name of their TV product is DirecTV. It’s a subsidiary company of AT&T. According to revenue, AT&T Became 23th largest company in the world.

AT&T Login Process

If you are a customer of AT&T, you should use AT&T online account. This account will help you to do solve many problems and you will be able to control and monitor your taken product and plan. AT&T account can be usable at any random device with internet connection. You have to follow some process to get logged in at use your AT&T online account. In this post, we will discuss whole login process of AT&T and we will also cover some F. A. Q’s about the AT&T and their products.


ATT Login on PC

If you are a Personal computer user and willing to get logged in at your AT&T personal online account, then you should follow this procedure,

Step 1: At the first step, you should configure good and working net connection at your personal computer. Then open your web browser and write at URL bar or you can go here.

Step 2: Now you will get the official web page of AT&T at your computer screen. From this official website click on the LOG In the option of AT&T, to get a full web page of login.


ATT Login

Step 3: After that step, a login page of ATT will appear. There are a couple of options to fill up with the right information. Give User ID of your AT&T (My AT&T) account. Then you have to enter the right password of your account. At the end, click on Log in.

ATT Login

ATT Login on Mobile Device

AT&T is also available at mobile device also. AT&T branded their account with the name of My ATT. They have created a mobile version of the account and it’s quite comfortable and useful for ATT customers. You can use random mobile devices to get logged in at ATT personal account if you have a proper internet connection at your device.

So, if you want to use your My ATT account on your Mobile device you should follow those steps,

Step 1: Set up a secure and working internet connection at your mobile device. Then go to at your internet browser and search for ATT or write at URL bar or you can click here.

Step 2: Now you will see the mobile version of ATT official website. At this website, you will get a blue colored LOG IN option at the starting of this web page. Just click on that login option.

ATT Login

Step 3: At this moment, you will get the login page of ATT on your mobile screen. You just have to do is,

  • Provide USER ID of your ATT online account at first option
  • Enter the correct password of your account at the next option of this box.

After following those statements click on LOG IN.

ATT Login

ATT Login on App

ATT Login

There is an App for all customers of ATT, to solve their problems and to make life better. The name of this App is myAT&T. This App has a stylish and modern look that makes users so comfortable to use. myAT&T is one of the most popular productivity App in every App store. You can control and manage all of ATT’s services just like, AT&T Wireless, home phone, Internet accounts, Android smartphones and much more. ATT has many features, and you can View and pay your bill, Manage bill ready notifications, View activity since last wireless bill. There is much more feature to explore.

ATT Login

If you want to use this App at your Mobile and willing to get logged in with your account, then follow those simple steps,

Step 1: At the beginning, you have to download the myAT&T Mobile App from your own mobile platform’s App Store.

Download myAT&T App from Google Play

Download myAT&T App from Apple Store

Download myAT&T App from Windows Store

Step 2: Now Download this App on your Mobile device. After completing install process, just open this App. Now you will get an agreement of ATT corporation. You have to click Accept to continue. So, click on Accept button.

ATT Login

Step 3: Now you will get the login page of My ATT! You have to give the right User ID of your ATT online account at first option. Then write the password of your ATT account. After giving right information at those empty options, Click Log in option.

ATT Login

My ATT Forgot Password

In the case of Forgetting password, you can lose your account forever if you don’t recover your account! That’s a big reason to be anxious. However, don’t worry just follow this simple method and you will be able to recover your ATT account,

Step 1: Go to the login page of My AT&T. Just click here to get the login page of ATT.

Step 2: Click on Forgot password? for those options.

ATT Login

Step 3: Now, give your User ID (of My ATT account) then give your Last name from your account name in the last section.

ATT Login

Note: if you have lost your User Id then click on Forgot ID? And follow those statements,

  • Give your Email Address at the empty option named Contact Email.

ATT Login

Step 4: you will see a Captcha at the end of the page. Just write those mentioned words at the empty box and click on Continue button.

ATT Login

If you have followed those steps correctly, you will get the option for resetting the password of your My ATT account.

So, That’s all we had for AT&T online account login process and account recovery. That information will help you to argue with your My AT&T online account. We have also covered core basics of My AT&T account and related signs. If you faced any problems between one of those processes not forget to comment us.


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