How to Delete a Blank Page in Word

Delete a blank page on Word using all available way

Sometime you may get a blank page at your Microsoft Word presentation. It could cause anything to appear as a blank page. So, you must delete the blank page or the blank page will still in the same place. Here we will guide you on how to delete a blank page in Word. How to

How to Stop DDoS Attacks on Netgear Router

See how to stop DDos attack on Netgear Router with some easy steps

In DDos attack, your internet connection got disrupted with numerous amount of web traffic. Whatever security steps you take, your internet connection/router can get affected with DDos. Even your Netgear router also can fall in DDos attacks. So, if you ever fall into this type of situation, you can stop it with some easy steps.

How to Make a Title Page in Google Docs

Know how to make title page in Google Docs

The title page is the most important page for every paper project. In the title page, you can get the information about author, publisher, subtitle and other information. Especially, if you are submitting an essay to your teacher, the first thing they will look is the title page. Because that’s the beginning. So, you must

How to Put a Border in Google Docs

Let's know how to put a border on Google Docs and make your presentation more stylish

Putting a border is one of the best ways to make your presentation more attractive. Also, adding a border to an image will give a decorated look easily.  the border will separate your image from sounding contents. But there’s no such a one-click way to add a border to Google Doc. Don’t worry, where we will

How to Remove Profile Picture From Gmail

See how to remove profile picture from Gmail easily

In Gmail, when you email someone, your profile picture also gets displayed with it. Your profile picture should be perfect in terms of professional and others task. Sometimes it seems better to have no profile picture instead of having a ridicules picture. Here we are covering the full process on how to remove profile picture

How to Delete a Meetup Group

Know how to Delete a Meetup Group that you have created

The Meetup is a web platform to create, schedule & organize events. It’s easy to create a new event on Meetup. But it isn’t that much easy to delete a Meetup Group. When you decide to step-down, it should be done quicker. So, without adding more stuff, here’s how to delete a Meetup Group quickly.

How to Save a Google Doc to a Flash Drive

See how you can save a Google Doc file to a Flash Drive easily

The Google Doc is one of the most used online cloud storage services for saving documents files. It’s also a part of Google Drive service. On Google Doc, you can easily upload and download Documents from Google Doc using your browser. Converting files into another format is also easy. But, if you need to save

How to Use Corsair Link

Learn how to use Corsair Link with detailed information

Basically, Corsair Link is a software utility that lets you control your computer’s fan, coolers, LED and others. It mostly works with Corsair products (Link Kit). But, you can also use this on your computer to get better control and manage all your extra peripherals. However, Here I will explain all about how to use

How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook

All steps on how to hide mutual friends on Facebook.

Generally, Mutual friends showed up separately when you enter someone’s profile. In some particular situation, we feel the necessity to hide our mutual friends on Facebook. So, here’s I am explaining how to hide mutual friends on Facebook. Truly speaking, there’s no option to hide mutual friends from your account instantly. But, I will show

How to Setup a Dolphin Emulator Memory Card

Set a new memory Card on your computer for Dolphin Emulator software

Dolphin is the only emulator available that lets you play all Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on your Computer. Generally, we use Memory Card to save game data on Nintendo. But, there’s no way to use Nintendo Memory card on our computers. So, here we will teach you, How to Setup Dolphin Emulator Memory card.