How to Add a Widget Below First Post in Blogger

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Many Blogger wants to add a Winget or ads Below the first post of there blogger homepage. But you can’t add any widget if your blog template doesn’t allow it. You may want to add a Google Adsense ad to get more clicks or wants to add any widget or image after your first blog post to give best look to your Blog. There is no direct option to add a Widget, Adsense Ads,image or video below your Blog’s first post. You can add those only in Blogger sidebar. So you have to do it manually. Don’t worry; we will explain easily how to add any widget or any Ads below the first post of Your blog.

If you want to Add any widget,Google Ads,Image or video below the first post of your Blog than you are in right place. In this tutorial we will show you how to add those elements after your first blog post of homepage. For this you have those follow those simple steps:

Add a Widget Below First Post in Blogger

Step 1.  At first you have to go Blogger Dashboard. Now go to Template >> Edit HTML .

How to Add a Widget Below First Post in Blogger

Step 2. Now click anywhere inside the HTML box. Than Press CTRL + F key to get search box. After That a search box will appear at the top right side of the HTML box.

How to Add a Widget Below First Post in Blogger

Step 3. Now copy and paste the code in search box. After inserting the code in the search box hit enter to find this tag in HTML box.

The tag have given here:
[wpsm_codebox style=”1″]<b:include data=’post’ name=’post’/>[/wpsm_codebox]

Step 4. After that, if you find this tag in the HTML box than just copy and paste the following code below the tag.

The code have given here:

[wpsm_codebox style=”1″] <b:if cond=’data:post.isFirstPost’>
<div align=”center” style=”margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:10px;”>
Encoded AdSense or Widget Code

Note: You have to paste  the code of your widget,Adsense ad,image or video in “Encoded AdSense or Widget Code”.

If you want to change the position of your item than just change the value(0,10) of margin top and margin bottom in code.

Now you can see your added item below your first post of Blog homepage.

Your added item should look like this in your Blogger homepage:

How to Add a Widget Below First Post in Blogger

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