What Does AA Female Mean?

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AA is one of the most used and common acronyms in the internet world. Especially, in personal dating sites, you will see phrase called AA Female. So, what is AA? What does AA Female refer? Here we will find out this answer.

What Does AA Female Mean?

AA get used to a different meaning in different context.

Definition: If you see AA Female in personal ads, its refers African-American Female.

You will mostly see this ‘AA female’ phrase on personal or dating’s sites. That mean’s African-American female is searching for an African-American male.

Synonyms: As a similar meaning, AA female also gets replaced in African-American WomenAsian-American Women, Colored female.

Other Meanings of AA

In job: Associate of Arts

In chemistry: Amino Acid

In residentials: Alcoholics Anonymous:

In video games: Anti-Aliasing

In discussion threads: Adios Amigo

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