A Brief Guide To Online Ads Management

There are five billion people who are online right now. That’s roughly 63 percent of the world’s population who use the internet for leisure, research, business or work.

The sheer number of internet users globally is just one reason companies need to funnel more resources and money into digital marketing efforts. Imagine how many users a brand can reach with a powerful online marketing strategy in place.

A sound online marketing strategy should be a mix of organic and paid advertising like online ads, which can amplify any existing promotional efforts.

For novice marketers or business owners who want a quick overview of online ads, here’s a brief guide to online ads management.

What Are Online Ads?

Online Ads are a part of an overall brand marketing strategy.  There are two types of online ads: paid search and paid social ads. Paid search ads are when a brand’s ad is featured on search engines. Paid social ads, on the other hand, are ads you see on social media platforms.

Where Can You Find Online Ads?

Online ads can be found in almost anything these days; typically, you can find them on websites, blogs, vlogs, social media platforms, search engines and even mobile applications. Digital ads can be seen everywhere there’s a potential consumer.

Who Are The Key Players?

Typically, transactions made to implement an online advertising strategy are between an advertiser and a publisher. The advertiser would be the company that’ll provide the content to be used and displayed with the publisher’s content. On the other hand, the publisher is in charge of integrating the said ads into its content.

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Sometimes, advertising agencies help generate and take care of  Google Ads Management or the native apps from social media platforms, along with advertising affiliates who do independent promotional work for the brand or the advertiser.


Paid Social

Social media platforms are some of the best places one can use to reach ideal customers. Often, businesses may already have a large organic following which they can still leverage for marketing. These are some ways brands can do for their paid socials:

  • Sponsored posts are done by paying content creators and influencers to promote their products or services to their followers through an organic post.
  • Native Ads are done through a social media platform’s native advertising tools. These offer segmentation and targeting features that brands can leverage to reach a warm audience.
  • Affiliate Marketing is when advertisers create programs where third-party promoters, often celebrities and influencers, are compensated when a customer purchases the advertiser’s service or product using a unique link.

Paid Search

Paid search is when brands place their ads in search engine results. Marketers use this strategy to reach out to potential customers who are explicitly looking for an item or service.

In paid search advertising, there are three types of ads one can use:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) is when a particular ad shows up when someone explicitly searches for services or products that are relevant to the ad. Publishers get paid for every click rather than impression.
  • Display Ads are typically images, video ads or text one can find on third-party websites. This type of ad is meant to get a broad reach at a relatively low cost.
  • PPC Landing Pages are websites that can stand alone and are specifically related to the content of a brand’s PPC ad.
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Benefits Of Online Ads

Online advertising has become even more essential as more people turn to remote work, increasing the average time an individual spends online.

Businesses can leverage this lifestyle change and take advantage of what digital promotion can do for them, like:

Increase Audience Reach

Digital ads are beneficial in increasing a firm’s audience reach by displaying relevant content in front of individuals within and outside of said company’s network.

Using online promotions is a cost-effective way to ensure that your digital marketing efforts reach your ideal customer based on the parameters set at the start of the campaign.

Access To Data

Data is a precious asset for businesses. Online ads can give brands a deeper understanding of their audience and help them create better targeting strategies through the analytics generated from ad platforms.

Wrap Up

In the digital era, the smartest way to market a brand is to combine paid advertising activities with organic marketing ones. Knowing how to create effective paid promotional ads is an excellent way to boost the growth of a company’s online presence without spending too much. Digital marketing is both a science and art, so it’s best to be open to experimentation until you get the best marketing formula for your business.

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