How to Check HP Warranty

Having trouble with your hp product? Have you lost your Hp warranty card? Don’t worry, there are many ways to check any Hp products warranty status and support options availability. Warranty varies on different Hp products such as Printer, Laptop Computer, Chromebook, Notebook, Tablet, Mobile & Others and your location where you want the support.

How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

It’s really tough to find someone on Facebook. Because Facebook is used by 1.44 billion people around the world. It’s really a big number. There has so many people with similar named. And it is almost impossible to find someone by name. Because Facebook will show a search results of thousands of people similarly named

How to Sign Out of Pinterest

See how to sign out of Pinterest from all devices easily

Pinterest is a big catalog of ideas with lots of pictures and videos. But, sometime it may seem difficult to sign out of Pinterest. Although Pinterest is available on different platforms like Desktop and mobile devices. Logging out is not that same on every device. That’s why here I am mentioning the sign-out the process

How to Sign Out of Google Chrome

See how to sign out of Google chrome easily

You may get signed into the Google Chrome on others computer. Now your account has all those browsing data and information of that browser. Well, you won’t let your account filled with unwanted synchronization information from that Google Chrome. Or someone may damage your account. Here we will show you how to sign out of

How to Sign Out of Discord on Phone / PC

learn how to sign out of discord on phone or PC

Login on Discord is easy as other online accounts. But it not that easy to sign out of Discord with its different user interface. You may use phone or PC(Personal Computer) to use your Discord online account. As it’s available cross-platform. So, you might have to log out of Discord from any device anytime. Today,

How to Sign Out From Google Play Store in Android Device

Know how to sign out from google play store in android devices like phone and tablet

On Android devices like phone or tablet, you can easily change your current Google account. Sometimes you may also require getting a sign out from Google Play store in Android device. But, you may face problem to remove or sign out from Google Play store. If so, then you can use alternatives However, here I

How to Sign Out of Gmail from Android, iPhone/Ipad or Computer

learn how to sign out of Gmail from you our device like computer, Android or Apple devices

In some situation, you might have to sign out of Gmail from different devices. As a multiplatform account, Gmail can be used on any device. Sometimes it also gets hard to remove your account without deleting. But, here I will show you all step-by-step process to sign out from your Gmail or Google account from

How to Delete a Blank Page in Word

Delete a blank page on Word using all available way

Sometime you may get a blank page at your Microsoft Word presentation. It could cause anything to appear a blank page. So, you must delete the blank page. Otherwise, the blank page will still in the same place. But, in many cases, it won’t get deleted easily. Here we will guide you on how to

How to Stop DDoS Attacks on Netgear Router

See how to stop DDos attack on Netgear Router with some easy steps

In DDos attack, your internet connection got disrupted with numerous amount of web traffic. Whatever security steps you take, your internet connection/router can get affected with DDos. Even your Netgear router also can fall in DDos attacks. So, if you ever fall into this type of situation, you can stop it with some easy steps.